Moon Cycles  


Moon Cycles and the Cyclical Female

 At menarche a woman enters her power, 

    Through menstruation she practices her power, 

At menopause she becomes her power.

                                                                              Native American Wisdom


No matter where you are in your menstrual bleeding years (pre-bleed maiden years, menstruating female, mothering, no longer bleed due to a hysterectomy or ablation surgery, menopausal years, wise woman crone years) , the energy of your ♀ female, cyclical, creative essence will always be with you.

Feel, realize, and harness the potential of your energy and use it to heal yourself and add healing energy to our world.

Use this cyclical information: 

  • to create more balance living within your cycle from now until forever
  • to look back into your life with clarity, have ah-ha moments, and realize why you felt the way you did (this is very healing)
  • to create peace and harmony with your significant other. (When partners better understand the fluid and changing nature of a woman's cycle, and that this cyclical nature is normal and desirable, relating to and responding to each other will be more cooperative and compatible.

Remember that the phases are part of your monthly moon cycle as well as the phases of your overall life cycle. We go through the Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, and Wise Woman phases each monthly moon cycle AND we go through them over our life cycle:

  • maiden is later childhood into later teen years (can move into young adulthood years)
  • mother is young adult through mid adult years, actual biological ages varies with each female
  • enchantress is middle to older adult years
  • wise woman is 13 moon cycles after your last bleed, menopause and wise women years!

May this ♀ Female Wisdom enliven your life as much as it has mine. 

Blessings, Paula

PS  Remember to add ???s or comments as your need arises if any information is not crystal clear to you. I want you to use this information to absolutely shine in your amazing femaleness! You can also email me at

Moon Week #1 Slide Show Video... enjoy!


1.  My original PDF created for your deeper learning about your beautiful feminine cyclical ways

2. Images of Cat Hawkin's Menstrual Chart Posters that I use in my Moon Wisdom Classe:

3. Link to a Youtube artwork video, 3 minutes long, on the internal clitoris. Most women (and men) have no idea that the clitoris is so large and is more than the little "button" above our vagina and urethra. The internal structure is large, amazing, and needs to be remembered!  

4. Museum of Sex article on the Internal Clitoris:

5. The copies of my moon cycle art work from the slide show:

6. Web link for the chakra art work used in the slide show

A quick youtube video on menstruphobia (menstrual phobia exists!) that is part of the reason I do what I do to educate and empower women about the beauty of their feminine cycle and energy: 

7. Another chart to study and learn from the information

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1. excellent class

Re: Hope you LOVE it!

Posted by Paula Youmell 

2. I loved this class and was excited to learn that I can still chart a cycle.... My Mom used to say "Even though I don't have a period anymore, I can still feel like I do at a certain time of emotions are different" - she was right about that.  Onward to more learning.....this is very interesting Paula!

Re: Your Mom is a very wise woman!  Even men cycle with the moon as they carry female energy as well. Women carry linear male energy but far more cyclical female energy.

So thrilled you are enjoying the learning. Hugs, Paula

Posted by Paula Youmell 

3. Just had to share this woman's revised book, 2nd edition as it is an awesome one!

Lucy Pearce's 2nd edition of Moon Times is already #1 on Amazon. She is offering free gifts with your amazon purchase.


No, I do not get any kick backs from anything I recommend. Just sharing good herbal products or information that is healing to female energy and we NEED lots of that on our beautiful planet. Have a great weekend. Sending love & light! Paula

 Posted by Paula Youmell 

4. I am placing these 2 articles here, for your perusal, as I thought they were appropriate for this weeks anatomy and cyclical learning:

7 Wonders of the Womb: Discover the Powers of the Amazing Uterus

6 Juicy Facts About Vaginas

If you scoot to the right on the blog page Kara has more fun articles to click on and read about breast health, menstrual health, etc.

Enjoy reading, learning, and growing. Paula

Posted by Paula Youmell 

8.  1/27/2017 

As a well seasoned RN in OB/GYN care, I have always recommended that females steer clear of hormonal birth control because of the impacts of synthetic hormones in the body, altering and stopping women's natural monthly cycle, etc.  Better to educate yourself about the natural rhythms of your body and how to work with your cycle and your partner to prevent pregnancy.


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