Nourishing Moon  

Nourishing Our Body Cells; Nourishing Our Female Energy


"In Our Every Deliberation, We Must Consider the

Impact of Our Decisions on the next Seven Generations."  

From the Great Law of the Iroquois Nation

In this week's module we explore concepts around whole food nutrition and the impact of our choices and lifestyle on our cellular health and our femaleness.

To access my basic Whole Foods for Cellular Health video, (extra learning is in store for you!), click here. You will be led to an educational page on my website:  


Whole foods are the foundation for your personal, physical healing plan. The video is at the bottom of this whole foods educational page.


Enhancing Cellular Health

1. Nourishing Moon's PDF: 2 Moon School .pdf

You are what you eat OR You are not what you eat... that is the question. Where do you lie on this cellular health continuum?

Lion Yoga Pose:

2. The Organic Effect: What Happens When You Switch to Organic Food 

Making organic food more budget friendly: Seek out local farmers (even one who are not USDA certified organic) BUT you question their growing practices and are comfortable with their commitment to growing food in rhythm with nature. Conversation & making friends with your farmer(s) is some of the best relationships you can create for yourself and your family.

Do you live here in Northern NY, St. Lawrence County?  Click back there to check out our local food guide and local sustainable food agency.





Questions and comments are always welcome!

1. I’m going out for magnesium & a whole food multi Vite tomorrow at NatureTyme. I like what you said about stomach acid & I need to work on the chronic reflux I’ve battled with. Just got off Nexium after 20 years but still need the right foods. Posted by Ame'

A. Get a good brand of the magnesium and vites. Solgar's magnesium citrate (or another high quality brand) and look for whole food vites. Are you going to the health food store I taught the class at in Syracuse, forget the name.   

Posted by Paula Youmell ADMIN on 14 May 2015 at 07:04 am   #   

2. Thank you for week 2, Paula! Everything you say makes so much sense :)
I have been craving chocolate for the past two days! (Period starts in a few days). I am fairly certain that I am experiencing adrenal fatigue because of a variety of symptoms. Aside from whole foods, what else can I do to help my poor, tired adrenals?

Much love!   Posted by Jennifer

Adrenal Love (whole body love!) Suggestions:

  1. Breathe Jen Breathe!  
  2. Sleep before 10 PM and 8 hours sleep per night.
  3. Whole Foods, say goodbye to sugar.
  4. Keep hydrated.
  5. More healthy lifestyle thoughts
  6. An herbal formula that nourishes the adrenals: mullein & nettles are 2 good herbs.that need to be in the formula. I am going to look for one or two now...
  7. Lots of hugs, self-hugs, etc.
  8. Will also send you some acupressure points to use for adrenals.
  9. Craving chocolate can be a magnesium deficiency. See above.
  10. Gratitude for the moment's, the day's, blessings.   XOXOX Paula
adrenal formulas.JPG

To purchase in order they are in the picture:  (all companies I share their herbal products with you are companies I know, trust, recommend to clients, and use their products myself.

Acupressure point for stress, addiction, adrenal health, cravings, etc.

 stress, adrenals.docx

Posted by Paula Youmell ADMIN on 14 May 2015 at 03:11 pm   #   

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