Maiden Moon 

Embracing the Maiden Years

Art by Jaine Rose, UK.  I love her greeting cards.

Art by Jaine Rose, UK.  I love her greeting cards.

This Jaine Rose art work is aptly titled Bright Blessings. 

When we all embrace our menarche, our entry into our Maiden Menstrual years as a bright blessing, female energy and all energy on this planet will shift.

                              “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that                           person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”       Buddha

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Reaching for the Moon is a wonderful book for young girls coming into puberty, just starting their menstrual years, or any female wanting a sweet and gentle introduction to loving her menstrual cycle. This book’s information might be a good idea for males as well. When both genders understand how each other’s bodies function it can make some common relationship issues (differences in sex drives, etc.) more understandable.

Reaching for the Moon, Lucy Pearce, Cork, Ireland,

In an email conversation with Lucy Pearce, today (May 19th, 2015) I was telling Lucy this:

I have 2 sons, 13 and 16, and they have known about, seen, and communicated with me about the moon cycle from the time they could ask questions. 

I wish this open energy for all sons and daughters to make a gentler planet for all.

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1.  A website in the UK to buy cotton menstrual pads:   (shipping might be crazy?)  Rachael is the compiler (and a fun female) of the information, essays, and such in the book: Thirteen Moons

Other places to purchase natural & safe menstrual products:  (I have some of both in unbleached, organic cotton. Both brands have their pros & cons.

2.  5/22/15 I was reading below information this AM and thought what a nice addition to add here as I am always encouraging the use of stinging nettles. How to properly brew tea will be covered in Moon School Module 6. For now... keep tea covered while steeping. Cheers!

Healing PMS and Menstrual Problems with Nettle Tea

Written by Jing J. of Cycle Harmony   The spring is here. I’ve been thinking about doing a spring-cleanse with nettle tea all winter. And now the time has finally come. Why have I been so jazzed about it? Because I’ve learned that nettle is not only an excellent spring tonic, but also a wonderful remedy for women’s menstrual problems.

Key Benefits:

1. Nettle safely and gently cleanses the body of metabolic wastes by promoting the excretion of wastes through the kidneys. This, by itself, will guarantee a lighter mood and more vibrant energy.

2. It also cleanses your liver and enhances the liver’s ability to process estrogen more effectively, which reduces PMS symptoms. Liver qi stagnation is a common cause of PMS. (My Addition: We will get into gentle liver cleansing in Moon School Module #8)

3. Rich in iron, nettle is a natural blood builder. It’s an excellent herb for anemia and fatigue, especially in women.

4. Nettle is often recommended for excessive menstrual bleeding. This means that it can reduce the length of your period and the severity of cramps, and make your flow lighter.

5. As a diuretic, nettle increases the secretion and flow of urine, helping with fluid retention and bladder infections.

6. Symbolically, nettle represents the ability to draw clear boundaries and protect oneself. This comes up as an issue for many women during the pre-menstrual phase of their cycles, when irritability, frustration and anger often occur.

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3. A student's artist work while listening to Moon School, a bit of work on the 2nd and 7th chakras!


4. 1/27/2017 

As a well season RN in OB/GYN care, I have always recommended that females steer clear of hormonal birth control because of the impacts of synthetic hormones in the body, altering and stopping women's natural monthly cycle, etc.  Better to educate yourself about the natural rhythms of your body and how to work with your cycle and your partner to prevent pregnancy.

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