Wise Woman Moon

Finding PEACE in the Menopausal Years... being a Peaceful Wise Woman Crone!

The Menopausal Years are an amazing life's passage. Just as in puberty and the menarche, females are birthing themselves into the next phases of their lives. Menarche births us into our bleeding years. Later, down the female path in life, we eventually birth into our Mothering Years. We are now busy giving birth to babies and amazing creative processes and ideas. When we birth into our new self from the menopausal years into the females who hold their blood inside phase, we are birthing into our Wise Woman Crone Years.

Peace is our best medicine for ourselves personally and for our families. Inner peace will ripple out into our communities and into the world at large.

                                        Wise Woman - Crone - Medicine Women                                       sharing their wisdom with the younger generations is a healing path to walk.

    Walk on Wise Women, walk on!

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“Glue tea” is so unappealing! I have the “Alvita” brand herbal teas. They’re organic, but I think the bags are glued. How do I find out more about the glue they may or may not use? I’ve never even considered that…

Thank you Paula, for sharing all of your knowledge

Posted by Jennifer on 05 June 2015 at 10:59 am   

 Reply  by Paula

I would contact the company directly and ask them. I have just made it a habit to cut open the tea bags and put the loose herbs into a quart jar. I steep teas in the closed quart jar and strain the herbs after. 

Many companies that make great herb tea blends glue the baggies instead of stapling them because it is cheaper. A pair of scissors is handy to continue enjoying the company's offerings!

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