Herb Moon Week 6

Wise Woman Healing Ways

                                                     Another beautiful Jaine Rose art work depicting Wild Healing Ways, caption says:  "Wild Land Is My Medicine!"                                                 I   could not agree more,  Love this woman's earth centered art.

This week's lesson will include (1) a short video on making teas and tinctures. This home medicine making is as easy as whipping up a pot of soup. So, what I am aiming for here is to tell you to relax and get into the flow of it. There is nothing mystical or magical about making our own home remedies, our own home medicines, AND then again, it is completely mystical and magical! 

Are you groaning at me? 



I will include a less than 5 minute video of plants in my yard. 

I am including a slide show video that I compiled for a Clarkson grad who asked to do a summer intern with me. Her goal is learning about herbs and natural healing ways. I created the video to initiate her into the world of herbs. I thought it would be a sweet bonus for you.

And then... there is the weekly PDF to fill your divine brains with extra good stuff. Click on good stuff!

Enjoy your path walking into being your family's Wild Woman - Wise Woman - Medicine Woman!

This week's medicine making PDF just for you!  moon 6 making herbal meds.pdf




Making Teas & Tinctures

My Back Yard "Weed" Walk

I left out dandelion and red clover thinking everyone knows these particular plants. The red clover is not blossoming yet and is not quite as pretty as when it has pink blossoms everywhere!

The Herbs for Health & Healing video made for my intern

Making Salad Dressinghttp://www.paulayoumellrn.com/blog/2014/7/21/salad-dressing-made-easy

To this homemade salad dressing I often add wild plant leaves and flowers (red clover) to up the nutritional value: nettles, dandelion, plantain, violet, red raspberry, strawberry, mullein, and/or comfrey leaves. Use just a few and blend them in very well so they are not chunky and fibrous in the dressing (this turns some people off... like my kids!).

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Article from Pachamama Alliance:

The Wisdom Within: Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine

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