Gut-Gland Moon Week 8   

Liver, Gut, & Glandular Health & Healing

I am going to refer you back to the Chakra Salutations (Anodea Judith) for sending healing energy to your glands. 

Remember that your glands correspond with your chakras. Remember that yoga is an awesome way to release stress and create news ways of thinking and behaving in life that are stress-less!   

chakra salutations.pdf              chakra poses.pdf

Bonus Video: I recorded this video for my Gut Health Course in The School of Self Healing, which is a deep dive into gut health. I thought I would share it here as it is useful healing energy that can only be a benefit to your female healing path. Cheers of fun & frolicking in many yoga poses!

Tummy Yoga Poses for calming the storm in your gut. This page came from Tera Stile's book, Yoga Cures, that I recommend as it is fun, heart centered yoga with simple pose series for common ailments. tummy trouble yoga.pd

Some of my blog posts on the healing nature of yoga and how it changes the way we perceive and relate to stress.

1. Yoga IS Snake Oil

2. Why I Love Yoga  Yoga truly changes the way we live and respond in this world to a more positive, peaceful, and energetically healing way of being. 


Paula: From a healer I have learned much from...

2. 1/27/2017 

As a well season RN in OB/GYN care, I have always recommended that females steer clear of hormonal birth control because of the impacts of synthetic hormones in the body, altering and stopping women's natural monthly cycle, etc.  Better to educate yourself about the natural rhythms of your body and how to work with your cycle and your partner to prevent pregnancy.

Thank you for being a part of ♀ Moon School. My gratitude is boundless, Paula



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