Secrets Of The Wise Woman Tradition

My plans, for now, are to use this blog to inform you of amazing wise women doing amazing things in the world. My energy for writing and healing work is being concentrated in my healing business. I do want to keep the energy of this blog alive as my love of women's health runs passionately strong.
Meet Dr. Jillian Stansbury, a naturopathic physician who has practiced in SW Washington for 25 years specializing in women’s health, mental health, and chronic disease.
The Wise Woman Tradition is an ancient sisterhood, whereby the elders of the community, the herbalists and the grandmothers share the time tested healing ways with their families. Now, more than ever in our history, the Wise Woman Tradition must emerge as a beacon of light for our families, our communities and our world.

In the male dominated medical community, women are often made to feel belittled. PMS and Menopause are turned into a pathology, instead of being honored as a sacred cycle. Women are all too often not supported in their decision making. The natural intelligence of the woman, the intuition of the woman and the sensitivity of the woman is now needed more than ever... Dr. Stansbury is urging you to take your power back!

Dr. Jill Stansbury is a renowned healer, teacher, naturopath, author and torch-bearer of the Women’s Wisdom Tradition. Through her teaching, her medical practice and her writings, she has been helping to heal, educate and uplift women for over thirty years.

What You Will Learn In This Free Video Series:

  • How you can minimize costly medical bills by learning how to care for yourself and family with the healing powers of nature.
  • What the feminine mysteries are and how they are your path to claiming your birthright to radiant health.
  • How to stop battling illness by aligning with the body's innate healing powers.
  • How to align with your true purpose, joy, and passions to reclaim radiant health... and much more!

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