Peak -n- Poke

It has been a while since I posted. I am shocked, looking at the date of October 24th! Where does the time go? Chatting with my sister over the Thanksgiving holiday and she says... I have a peak n poke appointment on Friday. I, of course, shake my head in bewilderment and ask: "What exactly is a peak n poke appointment?"

To my utter amusement she says: "You know, the annual peak n poke!"

I immediately know she is now talking about the annual GYN visit. Only because of the word annual.

After working for years, as an RN, in OB/GYN care... peak n poke were never words used to describe the annual exam. I was still a bit confused and I am certain the look on my face displayed this.

"You know, they stick that thing in you so they can peak around, then they poke you with the wooden stick or the mini bottle brush thing!"

But, is it OK to poke?

Has anyone else every used the term Peak -n- Poke to describe the GYN exam?

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