Upper or Downer? Which Are You?

Does your energy walk in this world lift  yourself and others up or drag everyone down?

On your walk through this world, do you lift people up or drag them down?

The way you carry and express your life force energy can be a healing tonic to yourself or a noose about everyone's neck.  Continue to read my short, uplifting blog post by clicking here.


Exciting News about the ♀ Moon Cycle Wisdom Course

Because I want to be an upper and not a downer and support as many females as I can who wish to walk strongly in their Female Moon Cycle Energy:

  1. I heard your requests: "I would take this class if the price was more in my range"
  2. I truly listened and am ready to take action by offering Female "Upper" Scholarships.

Here Are My "Be An Upper" Scholarship Plans

4 Hours for 4 Days Scholarships towards the ♀ Moon Cycle Wisdom Course

  1. April 12th, noon to 4 PM $85 tuition price
  2. April 13th, Noon to 4 PM $100 tuition price
  3. April 14th, noon to 4 PM $115 tuition price
  4. April 15th, Noon to 4 PM $130 tuition price

The sooner you enroll to heal your energy around your female moon cycle, the bigger your scholarship and savings!

(All dates linked directly to the "scholarship of the Day" Order Page, click and join the Female Fun!)

Check Back On April 16th. It Is Another Special Day!