♀ Female Moon Cycle Wisdom Fabulous 50 Scholarships AGAIN Today!

♀ Female Moon Cycle Wisdom

Moon Charlene Dumas

Fabulous 50 Scholarships Continues today to Celebrate My Awesome Mom's Birthday, April 17th!

On Thursday, April 16th, I turned 50 years old! To celebrate my wisdom and gratitude for 50 fabulous years on this healing path I am gave 5 scholarships to my Female ♀ Moon Cycle Wisdom Training course for 50 bucks. This was to celebrate the 5 decades of my life. I threw in scholarship # 6 for 50 bucks to celebrate the 6th decade I am walking into with grace and gratitude.

To celebrate Mom's 72 years on this planet... the $50 Buck Sale continues today!

Join me in this course, sign up on April 17th for the scholarship tuition of $50!   BUY HEALING COURSE NOW   This link will register at the 50 buck price on Thursday April 17th only.