Early Morning Coffee & Donuts IS Published!

My 2nd book, written as a healing companion to my first book, is out on kindle! Woo Hoo!

Friday April 24th is the date the hard copy should be ready on Amazon. For now, grab a Kindle copy and ease into healing your Mind, Body, and Soul!

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I write this book to be an inspirational guide, your trailhead to healing mind and spirit. We all need positive thoughts that keep us moving towards our higher selves, our evolved souls. I offer this book to you for that purpose. When we first heal the way we think and feel in mind, heart, and soul; we can then heal the physical body. •My first book, Hands On Health, was also written as a guide book, a trail head to your health and healing. I included lifestyle choices and changes to help you create vibrant health in your life. Many, many people have told me things such as: “This book is so helpful, so inspiring, so right on with healing lifestyle habits” … but: •So many people tell me they have a hard time making real changes in their lives, changes that will lead to greater health. They change little things here and there but ultimately go back to the same ole’ lifestyle habits, because it is easy: the path of least resistance. Change takes perseverance and loving yourself. I write these 52 “coffee and donuts” as emotional and spiritual motivators intended to support you in opening your mind, heart, and soul to walking your healing path.

1st book cover