It IS My Turn: Red Tent Summit 2016

DeAnna L'am DeAnna L’am graciously invited me to be a part of the 3rd annual Red Tent Summit, to express my wisdom around the menopausal years.

At 50, I am honored to share from the peri-menopause space I am in.

A year or so ago, I read a book on natural menopause, wish I could remember the title but I am pretty certain it was not Susun Weed's Menopausal Years (which I highly recommend)and one thing went away with me from that book. Women in menopause pull into themselves, like a cocoon. Women in menopause would do well to spend a year alone (as much as possible) nuturing their wisdom until they are ready to come out of that cocoon and share their wisdom. Much like the Red Tent (Moon Lodge) women entered every month for menstruation, this 1 year alone is the prep for being the Wise Woman Crone.

I am in Peri-menopause and this one year alone sounds divine! Sign me up please.

Reality is... I have teens, a partner, extended family, pets, a natural health education business, and so much more to be present for. My taking time alone daily to do yoga, walks in the woods with my dog and cats - yup, the cats like to hike, and occasionally for massage - acupuncture, etc. is my year alone wisdom women's tent.

Join me here for DeAnna L’am's 3rd Annual Red Tent Summit because as females... together we are changing the world!

We live in a culture that does not honor females (the feminine) or elders. As women moving into our wise women (eventually elder) years, we have a huge opportunity to shift this energy of honor back into balance.

Click this video picture, sign up for the summit, and watch my video. You also have access to all of the other amazing women  who have shared, and will continue to share, this month as part of the Red Tent Summit 2016 :

picture of vide

Blessings to you on your journey, Paula