Purple Tent: Visionary Space for the Wisdom Years

purple tent 1 Welcome to the PURPLE TENT: a new, visionary space, birthed by my colleague DeAnna L'am, as a place for our Wisdom Years!

This is the NEXT STEP after the Red Tent...

While in the Red Tent women bleed together, rest, renew, and simply BE...in the Purple Tent -

  • women practice their Inner Power,
  • embody FREEDOM, and
  • dare to be LEADERS.

If you enjoyed the Menopause Wisdom Years  Summit –this new place is made especially for you!

The motto for the Summit I was pleased to be part of was a profound Native American saying:

“On her first bleed – a woman MEETS her power

During her bleeding years – she PRACTICES her power

And at Menopause – she BECOMES her POWER!”

In order to BECOME your true Inner Power, to fully EMBODY it - you need to take the journey Toward Menopause CONSCIOUSLY, DELIBERATELY & with PEACE...

To avoid the pain, frustration, and medicalizing of normal biological symptoms...

DeAnna brings depth of experience, vast skill, and a warm heart to guide your travel TOWARD your WISDOM YEARS and THROUGH THEM, with CONSCIOUSNESS and SOUL!

To find PEACE & SELF-LOVE on this journey...

DeAnna invites you to MEET the Menopausal Years with Feminine INTENSITY with FIERCENESS and uncompromising COMMITMENT to your SELF!

I invite you to take your place in the PURPLE TENT of WISDOM!

Click Here to learn more and sign up.

Blessings On Your Purple Journey Of Wisdom Power, Paula

P.S. - PLEASE Help us Spread the Word - Send this link to all your women friends, share with them this Brand New Realm:  http://www.profcs.com/app/?af=1646764

purple tent