Fall Gift Giving Opportunities for the Females You LOVE!

book gift wrapped                          The pleasure of receiving a gift wrapped book! Fall is a marvelous time to gift the women you love. 

As women, in modern culture, we have been deprived of the sacredness of our menstrual cycles. We have been taught to think of menstruation as "The Curse" or some other equally negative connotation.

I am offering a gift to you so you can gift women in your life. It is a particularly awesome gift for young women who are coming into their womanhood. You can support the creation of a positive start to their menstrual years.


Women of all ages benefit from this beautiful book as the wisdom in the pages returns us to what we know: Females are awesome and our bodies and our body's processes are amazing!

I am the exclusive USA distributor of Rachel Hertog's book:

This is an amazing book that offers our female sacredness back to women; a return to the beauty of who we are and what our beautiful bodies were created to do:

  • menstruate, flow with the rhythm of the moon,
  • create new life,
  • birth that new life,
  • healers to ourselves and our communities.

I urge you to give this book as a gift to the special women in your life for:

  • Autumn Equinox (I know, it will be a late Equinox gift BUT simply apologize for being late with their gift. They will LOVE it and forgive you, I promise!)
  • Thanksgiving, both the Canadian & American holidays
  • All Hallows' Eve, All Saints' Eve, Samhain
  • Christmas, Solstice, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa
  • New Year's Eve (start 2015 off from a place of divine female care and love!)
  • Look ahead to Valentine's Day... this is a true gift of LOVE!
  • birthdays, anniversaries, etc!

Just gift the women you love with this awesome book. You will be glad, they will be glad you did!

Click here to buy a copy or two... or three for all the women you love!

THEY are Here... Get "Em while they are Hot!

13 Moons (book) Available In My Shop!

An awesome gift for yourself or any female in your life.  Men too! When we are all on the same page of understanding each other, a level of peace can be attained between males and females!

A book, compiled by Rachael Hertogs, on the beautiful teaching around a female's menstrual moon cycle. This book was not available in the US until Rachel and I conspired to offer it.  The cost of shipping from GB was crazy.

I have only 20 copies. Get yours before they are gone, gone, gone...

This is a large (8 1/2 x 11 1/2 notebook size) and beautiful paperback book!

A compilation of all the hand outs and articles by many women from Rachael's Power of Menstruation course, over the last 10 years!

A 250+ page book, Thirteen Moons includes a Moon Journal for you to fill in and chart the connection between your cycle and the moon, as well as containing many articles by inspiring and amazing women, poems, art, stories, and much more!

Thirteen Moons is based on 13 chapters, all celebrating Women’s Wisdom and Women’s Cycles:

  • Red Moon: Sacred Blood
  • Maiden Moon: Ceremony, Ritual
  • Mother Moon: Celebration
  • Healers Moon: Wise Women’s Herbs
  • Ancestor Moon: Moon Lodges & Red Tents
  • Honey Moon: Nurturing Foods
  • Crone Moon: Wildness of Woman
  • Goddess Moon: Quiet Space Within
  • Sister Moon: Sharing Stories and Traditions
  • Warrior Moon: Standing up for your Truths
  • Wise Woman Moon: Advice and Tips
  • Harvest Moon: Sharing Creativity
  • Grandmother Moon: 13 Moons Journal

Each chapter includes many articles, advice, and healing tools to empower! A valuable book for all women, young and old!

It is a ‘not for profit publication’- any profits made go to insuring free books/ pad samples and information go out to schools, girls, and women’s groups.

Cover Art by Suzie Goose.

PERFECT gift for a daughter, grand-daughter, niece, etc.!  I will share my copy with my boys.  They have been raised to understand and honor my moon cycle, the earth's cycles.  It is a gift I give to them to be a gift to the women who will be part of their lives.

To order your copy, for shipping in the US, go to my shop page or go directly to the 13 Moon book page.

To order outside the US, go to Moon Times shop page.

Blessings of love and light, Paula