My Pad Opinion

In case you care...!

I finally got my period. OK, so not like it was late or anything, right on time. BUT, when one is eagerly awaiting the chance to use their new Glad Rags and Luna Pads... well, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas.

I used them both and have to say I am terribly disappointed. Did I mention disappointed in me, myself. Why the hell did I not buy these cotton, fluffy soft things years ago? Me, the queen of cloth diapers and I did not bridge the gap to cloth menstrual pads. Lazy girl I was!

Glad Rags:

  • extremely comfy
  • soft
  • stayed in place 
  • absorbed blood nicely, no leaking

Luna Pads:

  • ditto
  • what more can I say?

Now, for the things to get used to and what I like better:

  • the cloth pads are a bit more bulk between your legs, which takes some getting used to (30 seconds or so!) after using Natracare thin pads for years.
  • I liked the Luna Pad design better because it made more sense to me. I am a common sense kind of girl! *The pads fit on top of the base and so the base does not need to be changed each time you change your pads. (Unless you have heavy flow and soak through everything. But I use wild yam, daily, and it keeps the peri-menopausal symptoms non-existent, no heavy flow here my friends!) The Glad Rag pads fit inside the base pad thingy that connects to your underwear. This means the outside of the base is what gets bloody first. Naturally, you have to change the whole base each time you change your pads, meaning you need extra base thingys. If you do not bleed heavily, the inside pads can be put into a new base thingy. Trust me, this will all make sense if you start using these amazing cotton pads and I recommend you do!
  • Because I will run out of the base Glad Rag thingys, I will sew elastic strips across the crotch part of my underwear. This will mimic the Luna Pad holder base pad and I can use up the extra pads without needing extra Glad Rag base pads.

The below picture shows how a Glad Rag fits inside the base. Base gets bloody first and needs replacing each change.

The below picture shows how the Luna Pad sits on top of the base, slides into the rick rack elastic strips. Base can stay clean and only the top pad needs replacing (depending on your flow, of course.)

Overall, I am thrilled I bought a set from both companies and will use them until I no longer bleed, 'ya know, when I enter my true wise woman years!

Maybe I will buy a pair of the Luna-Panties that already have the elastic bands right in them... just insert the pad!

MAIA Organic Bikini Lunapanties       MAIA Organic Bikini Lunapanties

*By the way, for clarification: the base thingys are called holders and the extra pads are called inserts.

Go ahead, be brave, get yourself some cotton, re-usable menstrual pads before you are 49 and creeping towards the wise woman years!  I love them!

PS  I still love my Keeper Menstrual Cup and am so glad I found my 15 year friend.  Of course, why wouldn't I after purchasing a new one!

Case Closed!


So I finally located the missing Keeper. And just in the nick of time. I felt the warning uterine cramps and headed for the bathroom. Yes, the same bathroom I tore apart 3 times looking for this divine 'lil piece of rubber. There it was, right in front of my eyes, where I had looked numerous times. Must be the magic, menstrual fairies were messing with me!

It was hiding in the bag of disposable, organic cotton tampons and pads I had tucked away. I was on my quest to move into using only my newly purchased Glad Rags and Luna Pads. Apparently, I was over looking this bag of sworn off disposables!

I am psyched to have "it" all together again! Now for that new Keeper I just ordered... wondering what I shall do with it. Perhaps a fun "shot glass" to invite questions at my next deck party? Gift a female in need? Save for one of my son's future girlfriends?

In any event... case closed!

Moon Magic Hugs!

The Case of the Missing Keeper

Anybody seen this item? Any idea of it's whereabouts?

I am a day or so from my monthly cycle and all excited to use my brand new Luna Pads and Glad Rags. I head to the bathroom to gather up all my new, organic, cloth pads and have them ready for the big event.

I decide to put my Keeper with them so everything is handy. My keeper is my favorite menstrual collection product.

After 15 1/2 years... I can't find the keeper!  This is making me crazy as I tore both the bathroom and closet apart searching for my 'lil brown Keeper.

I am giving up, leaving this to fate... my fate is to rely solely on the Glad Rags and Luna Pads. (I confess. I put my sea sponge tampon in the bag of cloth pads. I have to be ready in case the weather decides to take a turn back to summer. So many lakes and rivers to swim!

My dilemma:  Do I buy another Keeper? Can I live without a Keeper.

Ridiculous thought... I am heading over to the Keeper site, biting the bullet, and buying a new one. I just know it will not arrive in time!          : (

They Are Here!!

DSC01418 The Glad Rags package of reusable menstrual pads, I ordered, arrived yesterday!  On my Birthing Day for Jake.  Sweet 'lil Birthing Day gift for Momma!

I am so excited for my next period which is 3 weeks away. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!

The pads are so soft. I am now lamenting not making this switch YEARS ago.  I have had a period for 37 years! This is many years I could have used the soft, cottony, earth-friendly pads. Glad Rags started in 1993, I was 28. 21 years I have missed out on this organic, cottony softness!

I am wondering, at 49, how many years I will get out of these things


What is one to do with their cotton, re-usable pads when menopause is my life? Sell used menstrual pads? To whom? Is there a market for used Glad Rags?  Let me check Ebay... I will be right back.

OK, lots of them for sale on Ebay but no "used" ones. Hmm, reminds me of the days, years ago, when 3 girlfriends (Myself included here) passed around our different menstrual cups. We wanted to check them all out and see which one we like the best: The Keeper, Moon Cup, La Luna Cup, Diva Cup, etc.

So, before you get totally grossed out, we cleaned with hot, soapy water and then soaked them in a vinegar and water solution infused with lavender and tea tree oil.  All clean and free of bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. before we used each others.

I was, still am, a Keeper fan!

Stay tuned to learn more about my thoughts on these sweet, soft pads AND embracing menstruation for the magical, creative force it is!

Looking to buy Glad Rags or The Keeper / Moon Cup?  Go to my Shop page at and shop away! You will receive a discount, from the companies, as a "gift" for entering from my website.

Happy Menstruating!

Blessings, Paula

Glad Rags

OK, so I confess, I use organic but disposable menstrual pads.  Yup, I am adding to the garbage pile of the world. Now, in my defense, most of the time I use the Keeper Cup, day & night, no pads at all.

THE KEEPER® Gum Rubber Menstrual Cup

So today, I sucked it up and ordered the Glad Rag Cloth Pad Sampler Kit in organic, un-dyed cotton. I was going to order the deluxe kit but decided to slide into this change with a less expensive option.  What IF I do not like these things? AND, because I mostly use my beloved Keeper, I did not figure I would need so many cloth pads.

Now, I am looking forward to:

  • their arrival
  • my next period

And, wondering why I did not just cave and purchase some years ago.  I have had my keeper for 15 1/2 years.  It's not like the sustainable mentality was not part of my life?  Lazy perhaps?  I was in the heat of pregnancy #1, knowing I would be washing cloth diapers for years.  Perhaps I did not want one more thing to have to wash!

I will keep you posted:

  • when they arrive... Yippee!
  • what I think of them
  • if I recommend them whole-heartedly

By the way, I went with Glad Rags over the Luna Pads because the Luna Pads have a PUL lining.  I thought this was yucky and preferred the breathable option of 100% pure, organic cotton that was not dyed.  I know, dyed would be colorful and more fun. But, hey, who is going to be looking in my underwear at my cloth pads? happy face


Product Image

I also looked up this PUL stuff*.  It can be eco-friendly and if so, is breathable.  I contacted Luna Pads to ask them about this.  I will let you know this info as well. Perhaps I will end up with Luna's starter kit as well (organic, un-dyed cotton please).

Update: PUL info sent to me by Luna:

Happy Moon Mysteries!  Paula

*The PUL information is from a diaper website.  I do not know that Luna uses this same "eco-friendly" version of PUL. But, with the sustainable philosophy of re-usable menstrual pads... I would assume that eco-friendly PUL would be part of their plan!