Growing Up and Liking It

Close your eyes and allow yourself to sink back to your younger, bleed free, girl days, the days before you had your monthly period. Now vision the story that was woven for you, the story around your initiation into womanhood.  Were you nurtured and told how divine you were as a female and how the beauty of your uterus and female cycle was a creation story? Your creation story unfolding as a chapter in every women's (before, now, and after you) creation story?


Was the monthly curse shrouded in silence, few or no words spoken, and you were left to figure it out on your own.  The silence speaking to you clearly that this is not something we talk about but something we just endure, monthly, until we finally are free from this God awful suffering after we go through menopause.

So how many of you fine females remember this life defining 'lil booklet, circa mid- '70's OR around 12 years of age?

Growing up and liking it, 1978

This was a hallmark of female adolescence; marking our passage from childhood into the mysterious world of womanhood.

I remember finding this handy 'lil booklet in my older sister's sock drawer, she was in 6th grade.  Yeah, I was pilfering through it to find a pair of socks I could snatch for the day.  "Hey, what's this colorful thing?!"  So, of course, I pilfered this booklet as well.  I read it as fast as I could, fascinated (I was in 4th grade) that this was going to happen to me. "Wow, how come no one has told me about this bleeding thing or that I have a uterus?"

So, 6th grade came and went for me... no feminine booklet and the sample pads from Proctor and Gamble.  I am not certain how this mandatory, girls only class, with the school RN passed over me.  I must have exited to the playground with the boys as I so often did.  I hated being stuck inside. (Can't say much has changed about that!)

Thankfully, I was a sock pilferer and found the booklet.  I knew exactly what was happening when at 12 years of age, on Christmas Eve, I was blessed with my first round of the curse!

I remember feeling like there should have been some fan fare... "Hey, this is a big deal here, I am a big girl now."  But alas, no fan fare.  I just fell into the habit of using the menstrual products purchased for my older sister.  No questions asked, no curiosity around the fact that these products disappeared twice as fast.

Tampons, nope, those I gathered from the high school nurse and hid in my sock drawer.  I was a competitive swimmer, tampons were essential, but once again not talked about.  Was I ruining my virginity sticking that cotton thing up there? Yikes, someone make me feel ok about this!

So, along comes a female awakening.  About time I might add.  Females are taking back their divine power over their moon cycles; celebrating the beauty of womanhood and our exclusive ability to create. Wow, that monthly bleeding is an amazing thing, a true blessing. What person first called it a curse? How mistaken they were.

If I had girls... These two books would be their gifts into womanhood.  Along with open conversation about the beauty of their bodies and their amazing monthly moon cycle. I have boys.  I have brought them up to see and believe that a woman's cycle is amazing, a gift to be treasured.  Yes, these books are part of their lives.

This first book I would give to my pre-menstrual daughter.  A loving prep guide for the changes her body will go through; a book to open conversation about her feminine cycle.

Reaching for the Moon - a girl's guide to her female cycles82 pages. (June 2013)ISBN: 1482363038Written for girls aged 9-14 introducing them to the menstrual cycle in simple, soulful language, taking the form of a gentle, meaningful initiation into womanhood.

Reaching for the Moon incorporates stories, real women's' experiences of their first periods, and answers girls' most burning questions about periods and their bodies in a loving, age-appropriate way:

Contents include: * Ideas on how to celebrate their first period * Practical guidance on choosing sanitary products. * Holistic health care for the menstrual cycle. * Guidance on self-care as an emerging woman.

This is the guide that empowered and caring mothers, aunts and godmothers want for the girls in their lives.

This second book I would have on hand.  When she started her first period, her first moon bleed, this book would be a gift as part of the fan fare to welcome her into the world of womanhood.

Moon Time: a guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle 

144 pages. (February 2012)

ISBN: 1468056719

A guide for all menstrual women from 14- 40. Referred to by readers world-wide as "life changing". Moon Time will help you to embrace all aspects of your menstrual cycle, heal PMS, develop self-care practices and reconnect to your body's natural rhythms. 

It is the first book in print to explore the new phenomenon of red tents as places for women's retreat, and shares how to create a red tent for yourself and your community, as well as how to celebrate a girls' transition to womanhood. 

Books by Lucy Pearce, Cork, Ireland

Tell me your story in the comments.  How did you learn about your womanhood?  Blessings, Paula

Secret Feminine Energy

  menstrual chart


Original artwork, hand drawn and designed by Cat Stone

I love this menstrual chart.  When you really look at it, study it, it says so much about the amazing female moon cycle and the female body.  Truly, we woman have amazing energy going on!

If I could step back to about 12 years of age (maybe sooner, as really, should we not be bringing girls up, from day one of their sacred lives, to understand the mysteries, the secrets of feminine divinity?) I wonder what my life would be like, how it would be different, if I had been conscious of these things at a younger age, perhaps all my life?

Nature runs on cycles.  Everything and everyone follows the same cycles: the cycle of the moon, the seasons, the sun each day... everything has cycles.

I am going to compare the female moon cycle to the seasonal cycle.  Use this energy and wisdom to plan your days each month.  It is very empowering to tap into this energy and know why your body, mind, and spirit feels the way it does when it does.

Spring is a time of growth and renewed energy; a time for getting things done.

Summer is bountiful, ripe and juicy.

Fall is a time for gathering together, settling in.

Winter is a time for rest and renewal; looking forward to the spring ahead.

Use this energetic wisdom and apply it to your menstrual cycle.

Spring starts after moving out of bleeding.  Your body, deep in the endometrial layers of the uterine wall, is preparing for the next menstrual cycle.  Once you get past your bleeding days, use this spring time energy in your cycle to get things done.  It is when things are building up in your life, so use this energy wisely.

Summer is coming closer into the 2nd week of the cycle.  By ovulation, you are at the ripest and juiciest phase of the moon cycle.  Use this powerful energy to your advantage.

After ovulation, we are moving into the Fall, the Autumn, of our cycles.  Time to turn back into home (self) and take care of things there.

Winter iscoming when we are moving towards the next bleed and start bleeding.  As you get closer to the day you start bleeding, take care of you. Rest, as winter is a good time for rest.

Women tend to be at the height of their intuitive creativity just before the moon bleed starts and into the first day or so.  We open up to the universal wisdom; a good time for self insight and learning. Women moved into the moon lodges, at this time, to get and share visions of wisdom to support life in their communities. Women truly were the Wise Women!