Being A Wise Woman

maid mom wild wise We are all Wise Women.

We are born Wise Women.

We remain Wise Women every step and stage of our lives.

Living in our modern culture, most of us are not encouraged to use our Wise Women Wisdom.

This Wisdom fades from our memories.

woman hands plant ecology

My path in life has blessed me with many opportunities to regain my Wise Woman Ways: herbs, reiki, holistic health education.

I offer you the opportunity to re-open the door to your Wise Woman Wisdom. Join me in my Herbs for Natural Health online class.

This at home, learn at anytime that is convenient for you class is a simple introduction to the methods of making herbal medicines and herbs specific for each body system.

woman holding up crescent moon        woman holding globe

Call up your Wise Woman Wisdom. Accept my invitation to learn the magic of herbs. We will work together in an attitude of plant spirit gratitude!

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The "Pill" - Revisited

the pill  

What I liked about this book:

  • Explained the female reproductive cycle in a holistic manner,
  • Reminds women of the sacredness of their monthly cycle and their feminine abilities to create life,
  • Offers alternatives to hormonally - chemically altering the body to prevent conception,
  • Explains, in easy to understand terms, how the synthetic hormones in the pill, implants, shot, cervical ring, hormonal IUDs, etc. negatively affect the female body in both the short and long-term (I mean this both as short and long-term use effects and the immediate side effects and long-term side effects on female health.), and
  • Offers females a new (old) way of viewing their bodies as divine.

If you are curious about the impacts of hormones on your body, your daughter's, granddaughter's, girlfriend's, mother's... I recommend this read.

Would love to hear your thoughts in comments.  Now, later, after you read the book...

Be well!