The "Pill" - Revisited

the pill  

What I liked about this book:

  • Explained the female reproductive cycle in a holistic manner,
  • Reminds women of the sacredness of their monthly cycle and their feminine abilities to create life,
  • Offers alternatives to hormonally - chemically altering the body to prevent conception,
  • Explains, in easy to understand terms, how the synthetic hormones in the pill, implants, shot, cervical ring, hormonal IUDs, etc. negatively affect the female body in both the short and long-term (I mean this both as short and long-term use effects and the immediate side effects and long-term side effects on female health.), and
  • Offers females a new (old) way of viewing their bodies as divine.

If you are curious about the impacts of hormones on your body, your daughter's, granddaughter's, girlfriend's, mother's... I recommend this read.

Would love to hear your thoughts in comments.  Now, later, after you read the book...

Be well!