Fertility Awareness Info from a Wise Healing Woman!

The Difference Between Birth Control and Fertility Awareness

Guest Post by Kara Marie Ananda


There is a difference between “birth control” and “fertility awareness”. When you are acting in the effort of trying to control an external outcome that you are wishing to prevent, you are giving a lot of negative energy toward that outcome. In the practice of controlling the outcome of birth, the result is a highly controlled birth experience in the medical world with 99% of babies being born in hospitals and women experiencing epidemics of c-sections and inductions. Two-thirds of teenage girls in the US are on birth control pills, thus beginning their education and knowledge of their menstrual and fertility cycles learning to be submissive, controlled, and dependent upon the pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors, who then monopolize the subsequent cycles of bleeding, fertility, pregnancy, birth, and menopause.

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Wise words from: Kara Maria Ananda is a women's empowerment coach helping women to create Feminine Freedom businesses and lifestyles. She integrates 17 years of experience as a healing arts entrepreneur into her work creating and facilitating leadership programs and coaching for women entrepreneurs globally specializing in women's health, birth, holistic business, leadership and social media.

Kara Maria Ananda, Women's Empowerment Coach