AM Grounding to Balance Female Energy

As females, much is asked of us throughout the day. We learn to multi-task and turn on a dime, many times daily, to maneuver through what life hands us. Starting the day, with a grounding meditation, can help us move through the day with clarity and peace. nadis

Use this image, to create a visual in your own mind, of the flow of life force energy through your Chakras and Nadis.

Start your day with an AM grounding experience. I do a blended visualization / meditation that takes 5-7 minutes and grounds me for the day. I sit on the stone steps in my back yard with my feet in contact with the ground. (Urban dwellers, sit and visualize your feet in the grass, connected to Mother Earth!)

  • I close my eyes and visualize white light coming from the ground, up through my Chakras and Nadis, then turns around at the crown Chakra and goes back into the earth taking all negative (dark light) energy back into the earth to be absorbed. I repeat this twice: one circulation of life force energy in the clockwise direction, one in the counter clockwise direction.
  • I visualize white light coming from above, through my crown Chakra, and circling around at my root Chakra, back up and out through my crown chakra, taking negative energy back into the atmosphere. Again, create this visualization, twice in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, through your Nadis.
  • Next, I visualize white light coming from the earth again, up through my root Chakra. When It turns the corner at my crown, this time it goes back into the earth and creates a root system, for stability through the day's challenges, from my tailbone down into the earth. Do twice in both directions.
  • Now visualize white light from the crown Chakra, turns at the root Chakra and turns again at the crown Chakra to go back into the earth. Again, visualize the roots coming from your tailbone deep into the earth to ground you for the day’s challenges.
  • Finally, I swirl white light energy around my body, from feet to head, like a gentle twister moving up my body. This is to protect me from negative energy and other’s stress.

Have a peaceful day!