The Case of the Missing Keeper

Anybody seen this item? Any idea of it's whereabouts?

I am a day or so from my monthly cycle and all excited to use my brand new Luna Pads and Glad Rags. I head to the bathroom to gather up all my new, organic, cloth pads and have them ready for the big event.

I decide to put my Keeper with them so everything is handy. My keeper is my favorite menstrual collection product.

After 15 1/2 years... I can't find the keeper!  This is making me crazy as I tore both the bathroom and closet apart searching for my 'lil brown Keeper.

I am giving up, leaving this to fate... my fate is to rely solely on the Glad Rags and Luna Pads. (I confess. I put my sea sponge tampon in the bag of cloth pads. I have to be ready in case the weather decides to take a turn back to summer. So many lakes and rivers to swim!

My dilemma:  Do I buy another Keeper? Can I live without a Keeper.

Ridiculous thought... I am heading over to the Keeper site, biting the bullet, and buying a new one. I just know it will not arrive in time!          : (