Case Closed!


So I finally located the missing Keeper. And just in the nick of time. I felt the warning uterine cramps and headed for the bathroom. Yes, the same bathroom I tore apart 3 times looking for this divine 'lil piece of rubber. There it was, right in front of my eyes, where I had looked numerous times. Must be the magic, menstrual fairies were messing with me!

It was hiding in the bag of disposable, organic cotton tampons and pads I had tucked away. I was on my quest to move into using only my newly purchased Glad Rags and Luna Pads. Apparently, I was over looking this bag of sworn off disposables!

I am psyched to have "it" all together again! Now for that new Keeper I just ordered... wondering what I shall do with it. Perhaps a fun "shot glass" to invite questions at my next deck party? Gift a female in need? Save for one of my son's future girlfriends?

In any event... case closed!

Moon Magic Hugs!