Top 10 Reasons I Am Glad My Kids Go To Little River Community School

little river apple cider pressing Yup, This IS A Wise Woman Mom Thing!

I am not one to brag about my kids. In fact their accomplishments get a hug and an "I am so proud of you, happy you picked me to be your Mom, keep up the good working being you." Sometimes I mention their accomplishments to Gramma & Grampa, Aunt Ginny & Aunt Terry... but that is about as far as it goes.

This past weekend, I heard several times (as my kids were volunteering for the Local Living Festival) that my kids were kind, respectful, considerate, helpful... adults told me they were going to adopt a child in part because of their time spent with my kids and wanting to give love and guidance to another child, and then this AM as I dropped my kids at Little River Community School (yes, I know this is a run on sentence) another Mom told me how her son spoke highly of Eli (my youngest son) every day: how Eli protects him, sticks up for him, helps him, etc.

jake's 15th    mom and boys

Keep in mind, I live with these boys. I see them in their darkest moments and wonder if I will survive Mom-hood with my sanity intact. I question, at challenging moments: "where DID I go wrong." To hear good things about one's kids, when they are out and about in the world and free to make decisions based upon who they inherently are, makes a parent's heart sing. "Oh MY... I (we) may have done something right!"

I know it takes a community to raise a kid and I am forever grateful to Gramma & Grampa, my sisters, their Dad's family, dear friends who role model awesome human characteristics, people they meet on the street, their friends, and even people who bring negative characteristics into their lives. I love teachable moments! "Why is it you should not behave like this, treat others like this, etc." are amazing tools in parenting kids who will hopefully go out into the world and spread good energy and love to all their connections.

OK, so for the Little River Community School part of my parenting gratitude. Kids spend a big portion of their growing up years in their school setting. This time spent at school is a shaper of who they are.

Top 10 Reasons I Am Glad My Kids Go To Little River Community School: (keep in mind I have 2 sons)

  1. They walk up the hill to school to great friends with hugs and words such as: "Hey Aj, I am sooooo glad you are my friend."
  2. Their awesome teachers randomly dole out hugs as part of the school day.
  3. My kids still hug, kiss, and say I Love You Mom loudly and clearly in front of people in public. This has not been bullied, shamed, or embarrassed out of them in public school.
  4. They are nurtured for who they are and what they need to learn to grow themselves into the best they can be (to the very best of the school's ability combined with volunteer community teachers and ongoing support with parental choices).
  5. Small class size (8-10 students to 1 teacher!) and amazing hands on teacher support.
  6. It is a community school (see volunteer community teacher comment above). Students from local colleges come to share their passion for music, movement, building, education, you name it with Little River's students. "Experts" in the community come into volunteer share great stuff with the students: drumming, dance, tae kwon do, carpentry, building, Project Adventure Team Building Skills, Aeronautical stuff (I forget the technical name of this class that Rob Klein, formerly of Norwood, NY, taught with the older students interested in planes and helicopters), yoga, stress reduction techniques, wood stacking, and the list goes on & on of practical life skills my kids (our kids) are being exposed to and learning at Little River Community School.
  7. High School students must do 50 hours of community service every year. This has exposed my kids to: helping & teaching young students their tae kwon do, shoveling neighbors out of the snow, stacking woods for family - friends - neighbors, tech help with neighbor's computers, volunteering for the Local Living Venture, offering love to the animals at the Potsdam Animal Shelter... I know there is more but my mind is not recalling all.
  8. Opportunities to put on events for the community: Latin Dance Party in Potsdam, NY which has become an annual event.
  9. Small group camping and hiking trips to continue exposing them to the great outdoors. Trust me, someone helping me with this one in the age of kids and tech is a true Mom blessing.
  10. A holistic approach to kids, education, and life on this planet.
  11. Teaching to the kids not teaching to a test. I think this speaks again of #4 above.
  12. Outdoor play time and class time!  Little River students get a morning and a lunch break that includes plenty of outdoor play time (and it is encouraged). This means fresh air, sunshine, and body movement not just sitting at a desk all day. Courses are scheduled with outside teaching & learning time in mind based upon the seasons of the year.

Oh yeah, I said 10 top reasons... truly, there are so many more. My heart gives a deep thanks to the people who have reminded me that my kids go out in the world and shine, giving their best so others can be their best as well. As a Mom, I cannot ask for more.

No matter where kids go to school: public, private, community, home schooled, etc. , they deserve to be loved, nurtured, and supported to become who they are meant to be.


Jake and Eli on top of Cascade & Porter Mountains, ADK High Peaks.boys on Porter MtBoys on cascade mt

Things I Worry About as a Mom AND Random Thoughts On Female Anatomy & Sensuality

mom and boys

Things I Worry About As A Mom

  • Will my boys eat whole foods when they fly the coop and maintain the cellular healthy eating habits I have taught them,
  • Texting drivers on the road when my kids (and everyone else's kids) are out riding their bikes,
  • The fact that my kids rarely go out on their bikes :( ,
  • I have brought 2 males into this world and will I let loose 2 more males who are clueless about female sensual anatomy and pleasure? (Trust me there are more worries but I will stop here for now.)

Which leads me to...

Random Thoughts on Female Anatomy and Sensuality

uterus divine

Much to my kid's humorous despair, yes, we talk about these things at the dinner table: female anatomy and sensuality, being good partners in a relationship, etc.

holding hands     female male symbols

Which of course brings up their ever present questions: "Why can't you be a normal Mom? Do you think other families have these dinner time discussions?"

To which I reply... "Other people's dinner time discussions are not my concern. I want to make certain I send happy, healthy males out into this world who will appreciate and love up their women."

When I was 20 years old I took my first job in OB/GYN nursing working as an office nurse for a fine ON/GYN Doc. I fell in love with Maternity Nursing. Wait, who am I trying to kid? As a student nurse watching my first delivery, I fell in love with Maternity Nursing, but I did my obligatory time, one year as a Med/Surg Nurse, to sharpen all my nursing skills.

I have always been amazed at the miracle of life: two half cells (egg and sperm) come together and create one whole cell. This one cell splits and divides billions and billions of times to create each and every organ system (200 different types of cells doing different jobs in the body!). Does this not amaze you?

Another thing that fascinated me is how the fetal reproductive tract is exactly alike the first 2 months of pregnancy. That is correct; our reproductive tissues look and are exactly alike until about 8 weeks!

fetal genitalia development

At about 8 weeks if a fetus has the XY chromosome structure  male symbol the fetus begins to produce testosterone which then differentiates the reproductive tract into male organs, genitalia. This is so cool to me: left unchecked by testosterone, the fetus will always develop as a female. Was the Eve created from Adam story a bit off? Hmmmm....

My ramblings about female and male sensuality could go on, will go on, but I must now go bake an apple pie for my darling sons whom I hope to encourage and inspire to be great partners in the ever present dance of love, sensuality, and sexuality that we dance throughout our lifetimes.

love dance   love dance seniors

Massive Sale on Resources for Mothers

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You are Not the Stream...

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You are Not the Stream: Notes from a Drowning Woman

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I was much too far out all my life
And not waving but drowning.
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