My Pad Opinion

In case you care...!

I finally got my period. OK, so not like it was late or anything, right on time. BUT, when one is eagerly awaiting the chance to use their new Glad Rags and Luna Pads... well, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas.

I used them both and have to say I am terribly disappointed. Did I mention disappointed in me, myself. Why the hell did I not buy these cotton, fluffy soft things years ago? Me, the queen of cloth diapers and I did not bridge the gap to cloth menstrual pads. Lazy girl I was!

Glad Rags:

  • extremely comfy
  • soft
  • stayed in place 
  • absorbed blood nicely, no leaking

Luna Pads:

  • ditto
  • what more can I say?

Now, for the things to get used to and what I like better:

  • the cloth pads are a bit more bulk between your legs, which takes some getting used to (30 seconds or so!) after using Natracare thin pads for years.
  • I liked the Luna Pad design better because it made more sense to me. I am a common sense kind of girl! *The pads fit on top of the base and so the base does not need to be changed each time you change your pads. (Unless you have heavy flow and soak through everything. But I use wild yam, daily, and it keeps the peri-menopausal symptoms non-existent, no heavy flow here my friends!) The Glad Rag pads fit inside the base pad thingy that connects to your underwear. This means the outside of the base is what gets bloody first. Naturally, you have to change the whole base each time you change your pads, meaning you need extra base thingys. If you do not bleed heavily, the inside pads can be put into a new base thingy. Trust me, this will all make sense if you start using these amazing cotton pads and I recommend you do!
  • Because I will run out of the base Glad Rag thingys, I will sew elastic strips across the crotch part of my underwear. This will mimic the Luna Pad holder base pad and I can use up the extra pads without needing extra Glad Rag base pads.

The below picture shows how a Glad Rag fits inside the base. Base gets bloody first and needs replacing each change.

The below picture shows how the Luna Pad sits on top of the base, slides into the rick rack elastic strips. Base can stay clean and only the top pad needs replacing (depending on your flow, of course.)

Overall, I am thrilled I bought a set from both companies and will use them until I no longer bleed, 'ya know, when I enter my true wise woman years!

Maybe I will buy a pair of the Luna-Panties that already have the elastic bands right in them... just insert the pad!

MAIA Organic Bikini Lunapanties       MAIA Organic Bikini Lunapanties

*By the way, for clarification: the base thingys are called holders and the extra pads are called inserts.

Go ahead, be brave, get yourself some cotton, re-usable menstrual pads before you are 49 and creeping towards the wise woman years!  I love them!

PS  I still love my Keeper Menstrual Cup and am so glad I found my 15 year friend.  Of course, why wouldn't I after purchasing a new one!

Confident Carry of Menstrual Products

Confident Carry – Overcoming Shame Around Menstrual Products


Today’s guest post is from Period Wise via The Happy Womb and Lucy Pearce in Ireland (Thanks Lucy!), and touches on a really important issue: shame and menstrual products which was sparked by a recent event in a school in the US.

A teenage girl who was suspended for concealed carry of menstrual supplies [in a school system which requires that everything be brought into school in a clear plastic bag to facilitate the ease of security checks] sheds light on a problem that sadly still plagues us – a lack of confidence among those who menstruate and a lack of understanding among those who do not.

To read the rest:  Confident Carry