Sex for Pleasure and Profit

This post was written in pure, light-hearted humor as I was contemplating my many, never ending, thoughts on life. Yes, the thoughts and articles I write, flow from my head like water over Niagara Falls!
I was thinking about a recent post I wrote for my health and healing blog.
The post is titled Naked Sun Time.  I was thinking how this title was perhaps a bit ris·qué.
So, I  googled "Naked Sun Time."  I was looking for other people's thoughts on naked sun time. In my 20's I had spent some time in Europe and naked sun time was just what people did.  In the winter, they used communal "sun" rooms with full spectrum, fake sunlight.
Anyhow, I was somewhat shocked at the various pictures of naked women and their body parts that came up with this google search! Not being someone who has spent time looking up porn on the internet, I was mildly flabbergasted at the variety and abundance of nakedness right before my eyes. Just one click, that's all it took was just one click!
Now I am not shy or modest.  Nakedness does notphase me. I fit right in when I was visiting Europe, was just fine and dandy at the spas that were 100% naked! Even sat at the bar for a beer, naked!  But, wow, so much nakedness in one computer click.

So back to my thinking the Naked Sun Time post would be ris-que'.  Nakedness is so sensual.  This made me think of how we move from the sensual (defined as: of or arousing gratification of the senses) to "oh my God, that is so sexual" when sensual is not often sexual or even always sexual.  Now sensual can be sexual... but it does not have to be.
Next thought, why is the sensual suppressed, frowned upon?  A massage is sensual as it arouses the senses.  A good meal, glass of wine, watching a sunrise or sunset, kitten fur rubbing on your skin, a beautiful bird song, the smell of apple pie cooking...  All of these are sensual but when the sense being ignited is touch... oh my, we can quickly move back to the sexual!
So from here I started thinking about massage and what an amazing sensual experience it is, not sexual at all.  But now it could be and it can be sexual!
From here, my thoughts went to prostitution and how it is a very sensual and sexual vocation.  Prostitution has been around for as long as humans..
Massage therapist needto be trained and licensed, correct.  So I giggled and thought, "Wow, I wonder if there will be a day when prostitutes haveto be officially trained and licensed?"  So then my mind ran away with this one:

  • who would do the trainings?
  • a PhD in prostitution to teach the newly learning?
  • where?
  • colleges?
  • what sort of certification?
  • 6 month certificate for street walkers?
  • Associate in Applied Arts for Call Girls?
  • A Bachelors in Fine Art or perhaps even a Masters for the more high priced Call Girls?
  • Who will start these colleges?
  • Where will they be?
  • Can I teach them good nutrition and health habits?
Thanks for reading about the ramblings in my head; ramblings that make me giggle, even had a hearty laugh this morning!