Cat Lady

beware cats

Notice I left out the "crazy."  I guess that goes without saying...

I love cats. I love everything about cats. (OK, maybe not the litter box!)

I love reading about the history of cats, the funny cat pictures posted to FB, and snuggling my 4 beloved feline friends.

"I have studied many philosophers and many cats.                                     The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior."    Hippolyte Taine

Cats have traditionally been viewed as having
  • feminine energy,
  • mystical power,
  • Goddess energy,
  • inward "Yin" energy. (I question this one at 4 AM when they all decide to race about the house!)

One has to figure cat's out. Just when you think you have them "figured," they do something to prove you have not!

Cats have been the main characters of myths and legends from all over the world. Some cultures and people have worshipped them, some have condemned them.

Yes, I love my dog!