Power of Yoga to Heal the Feminine Divine

yoga Yoga is an amazing tool for pulling us back into ourselves. This inner thoughtful-ness creates awareness of where we need to work on personal health challenges from a space of loving kindness.

Are you a Go-Go-Go kind of girl? No, not Go-Go girls of the 60's!  I mean the over-energized kind of gal... doing, doing, doing, all the time.  I suggest a more relaxing form of yoga to create introspection and calm.                                          (I need to practice my advice!)

Or, are you a gal who moves through the day and daily tasks in meditative motion? (I envy you!)  An upbeat, energetic style of yoga to stir up your yang energy would be more your style.

Yoga has a fine way of balancing the human body; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Yoga can help ease the symptoms of an unbalanced female cycle and move healing energy throughout your body.

A great pose, exercise, for easing PMS, menstrual headaches, menopausal symptoms, irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, painful periods, lumpy breasts, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and other menstrual related symptoms is the Deer Pose Exercise.  It is a simple routine and takes about 10 minutes.

deer exercise


Part 1


  1. Sit upright (in a straight back chair if you need the back support) so that you can press the heel of one foot against the opening of your vagina.  A steady and firm pressure against the clitoris is required.  If it is not possible to place your foot in this position, then place a fairly hard, round object (such as a tennis ball) against the vaginal opening and hold in place with your bent legs. This makes it easier on your knees if you are not used to yoga poses.
  2. Rub your hands together vigorously.  This will create heat in your hands by bringing the energy of your body into your palms and fingers.  Place your hands on your breasts.  Relax and feel the heat from your hands seep through your skin and into your breasts.
  3. Rub your breasts slowly with outward circular motions.  Your right  hand will turn counter-clockwise; your left will turn clockwise.
  4. Rub your breasts in this circular manner for a minimum of thirty-six times. Rub a maximum of 360 times.  Do this exercise up to two times a day. The longer breast massaging can create menstrual cessation. Staying at the level of 36 circular breast massage rotations will not create menstrual cessation.

When you practice the Deer Exercise, try to avoid touching your nipples.  A woman’s nipples are very sensitive and easily over-stimulated.

Part 2  

  1. First, tighten the muscles of your vagina and anus as if you were trying to close both openings. It will feel like you are trying to draw your rectum and outer vagina upward inside your body. This is a kegel exercise.   Hold these muscles tightly for as long as you can comfortably.
  2. While doing kegels, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, just behind the upper front teeth, and hold it there gently.  Leave tongue in this position all the while doing kegels.
  3. Eyes are closed and focus your attention, your inner vision, to the space between your eyebrows.  This draws healing energy to your pineal gland.
  4. Relax and repeat the anal and vaginal contractions, with tongue in place and inner eye focus.  Do this as many times as you wish.

You may feel energy sensations up and down your spine and throughout your body as healing energy goes where it needs to go to heal areas in need of healing.  These energy sensations may be different each time you practice the deer exercise.  You also may not feel these energy shifts.  Both experiences are normal.

breast massage

The outward rubbing of the breasts (as described above) is called dispersion. This breast massage motion may reduce and prevent lumps and possibly cancer of the breasts. Massage is an amazing healing tool as it keeps energy and body fluids moving. Dispersion massage also helps to decrease the size of breasts that are large and flabby.

The reverse this direction is an inward motion. Now the right hand circles clockwise and the left hand circles counter-clockwise.  This is called stimulation massage.  The effect of stimulation massage is to enlarge undersized breasts. Some practitioners say to avoid the stimulation massage if you have a history of breast cancer in your family.

Do this exercise in the morning upon rising and at night before retiring.  It is an amazing tool to have in your female healing toolbox!