Getting Sexy, Being Sexy

OK, so I thought about these things after writing the post on Life's Seasons  (my shifting body composition) and watching the movie "The Other Woman" starring Cameron Diaz. The movie was a good laugh! It also made me think seriously about the gender bias in our culture, our world. (Not that I haven't thought about these issues before. The movie just got my over active brain rolling!)

How many men do these things to Get Sexy, Be Sexy and attract women partners?

  1. shave legs and arm pits
  2. wax bikini line
  3. color hair
  4. pluck eye brows
  5. plaster on makeup
  6. blow dry and curl / straighten their hair after they have plastered on hair products only to plaster on more after the heat treatments
  7. shave pubic hair into the Fig Leaf type covering
  8. plaster themselves with way too much perfume
  9. use spring fresh scented douche and vaginal sprays so the genital area smells, well, spring fresh. Seriously, how much spring fresh scented genital deodorant spray do you see men buying up and spraying their balls?
  10. Throw on 6 inch stiletto heels and prance around...

I have always had a hard time with these things, these primping actions. I have better things to do with my time. Why there are walks in the woods to take, yoga poses to do, mountains to climb, trees and plants to communicate with. Who has time for standing about fussing with hair, makeup, and the above mentioned things. Men don't go to these lengths and there does not seem to be a shortage of sex in the western world.

So, I confess, I got a new do. I stood in the mirror with a brush and blow dryer. How DO women do what they do to their hair? My attempts to do the cute 'lil straightening and flip out of the layers were a dismal failure. Wonder if my hair stylist could stop by every morning?  Lisa....????

When I am on my death-bed, I am certain I will not be lamenting the time I did not spend, could have spent, on getting sexy.

Now where did I put those hiking boots?

hiking tevas