Being A Wise Woman

maid mom wild wise We are all Wise Women.

We are born Wise Women.

We remain Wise Women every step and stage of our lives.

Living in our modern culture, most of us are not encouraged to use our Wise Women Wisdom.

This Wisdom fades from our memories.

woman hands plant ecology

My path in life has blessed me with many opportunities to regain my Wise Woman Ways: herbs, reiki, holistic health education.

I offer you the opportunity to re-open the door to your Wise Woman Wisdom. Join me in my Herbs for Natural Health online class.

This at home, learn at anytime that is convenient for you class is a simple introduction to the methods of making herbal medicines and herbs specific for each body system.

woman holding up crescent moon        woman holding globe

Call up your Wise Woman Wisdom. Accept my invitation to learn the magic of herbs. We will work together in an attitude of plant spirit gratitude!

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Life's Seasons


The seasons of life follow a pattern, the same pattern that everything in nature follows. As humans we are nature!

Spring is a time of growth and building, an infant grows to be a child; explores, learns, and grows.

Summer is radiant juiciness! Humans are in the prime of their reproductive years sending hormonal messages to the world and radiating health and vitality.

Autumn arrives in our life cycle and things start to change. For women, we ease into peri-menopuse and then menopause. We are at a threshold to embrace and empower our wise woman ways. Reproduction is no longer nature's or our body's goal.

Winter flutters down like brilliant, beautiful snowflakes; different for each of us as we all are unique in our human likeness. We enter our senior years, vibrancy is ours when we care for ourselves in whole health ways.

I have to chuckle about these seasons as I stroll along getting closer to claiming my wise woman place in this world. How foolishly fun we are in our youth... thinking we will always be youthful!

Maybe I should have titled this: Body Composition Shift! Female friends, older than me, have commented over the years about the body shifting and changing with age. Funny how this is not a reality until, well, it is a reality!

As I move from maid to wise woman I am noticing some subtle shifts (some are not so subtle!):

At an impressive 5 foot 5 1/2 inches tall, I hover between 118 to 122 pounds. This is nothing remarkable as it is the same weight as when I was 23 years old. This was 26 years ago however... it is looking different these days

The things I notice while I am in my daily in downward facing dog yoga pose:

  • skin texture has changed... Am I getting old?
  • around my knees the skin is looser... what is up with that?
  • a breast cup size migrated downward to cover my once wash board abs

Oh well, here I am... I love my body and have taken great care of it for at least the last 25 years. Thankfully I had a Mom who gardened and took care of me with good food, year round, when I was too young to think or care about it all.

Despite the slow, downward creeping of my body tissues, for where I am at 49, I am ok with me.

I am still out there biking hills (leaving my kids in the dust!), mountain climbing, and I can do more push ups, hold the plank yoga pose longer, out run my kids in distance and sprints and they are 12 & 15! Thank Goddess and God I did not grow up in the computer gaming era!  I do not think technology is doing good things for them or anyone sitting sedentary.

On that note... time for a 'lil yoga and body movement!

Happy day to you. Embrace your beautiful body and care for it well... throughout all the seasons of your life!

fall leaf