Weight Gain Prevention - Retoration of Healthy Weight As We Age Gracefully

weight loss apple with measuring tape, small Calories count but they aren't the whole story. A 55 year old woman, 5' 6" and 125 pounds is going to look, feel, and gain weight completely differently with these two 1500 calorie scenarios:

  • whole foods, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • soda, chips, pastries, and a daily salad for her "dose" of veggies

As we age we burn fewer calories for many reasons. I will share a few here:

  1. Decreased activity level - hey, we were all more active as kids!
  2. Muscle tissue declines with age and muscle is more metabolically active than fat (that means muscle burns more calories than fat tissue does).
  3. Hormone levels slowly decrease as we age (not just our male - female hormones but all glandular levels of hormones) slowly lowering our natural metabolic rate.
  4. When we are young and growing, our bodies need substantial calories and nutrients to keep up with this crazy growth schedule. As we age, face it folks, we are no longer growing. The amount of calories required to maintain - sustain our adult bodies is lower than what the average child or teen needs for healthy growth. (Unless of course we are training for triathlons!)

To counter what most people consider the inevitable weight gain of growing older, a few simple lifestyle practices can be put into place. These practices will ensure growing older with gracefulness, thriving wellness, and maintaining (restoring balance) to your body's normal weight.

apple with health words

Try these habits on for size!

  1. Whole food eating habits. With reduced calorie needs as we age, making 100% certain the calories we do consume are dense with nutrition is imperative for maintaining whole body health and vitality. We cannot afford to waste calories on junk foods.
  2. Eating only what you need, avoiding overeating. Those huge meals we could burn off in our youth, nah, not so much anymore. Overeating (excess food and calories) is a #1 contributor to adult weight gain.
  3. Avoid refined sugar like the plague. Yes, this include artificial sweeteners, corn syrups, and refined sweeteners like white stevia powder.
  4. Move your body every day.
  5. Positive attitude creates positive energy in your body. A positive person is less likely to turn to food, and usually the choices are not nourishing foods, for comfort.
  6. Change the way you function around food. Give up the habit of allowing food to consume your life.

Yes, there is more to it all than this simplicity... However, simplicity is a great place to start and advice to personally tweak things for your health needs is always at hand.                   PaulaYoumellRN.com

Sending love & light for gracefulness & vitality as we walk our wise years,                                                                                                              Paula

Life's Seasons


The seasons of life follow a pattern, the same pattern that everything in nature follows. As humans we are nature!

Spring is a time of growth and building, an infant grows to be a child; explores, learns, and grows.

Summer is radiant juiciness! Humans are in the prime of their reproductive years sending hormonal messages to the world and radiating health and vitality.

Autumn arrives in our life cycle and things start to change. For women, we ease into peri-menopuse and then menopause. We are at a threshold to embrace and empower our wise woman ways. Reproduction is no longer nature's or our body's goal.

Winter flutters down like brilliant, beautiful snowflakes; different for each of us as we all are unique in our human likeness. We enter our senior years, vibrancy is ours when we care for ourselves in whole health ways.

I have to chuckle about these seasons as I stroll along getting closer to claiming my wise woman place in this world. How foolishly fun we are in our youth... thinking we will always be youthful!

Maybe I should have titled this: Body Composition Shift! Female friends, older than me, have commented over the years about the body shifting and changing with age. Funny how this is not a reality until, well, it is a reality!

As I move from maid to wise woman I am noticing some subtle shifts (some are not so subtle!):

At an impressive 5 foot 5 1/2 inches tall, I hover between 118 to 122 pounds. This is nothing remarkable as it is the same weight as when I was 23 years old. This was 26 years ago however... it is looking different these days

The things I notice while I am in my daily in downward facing dog yoga pose:

  • skin texture has changed... Am I getting old?
  • around my knees the skin is looser... what is up with that?
  • a breast cup size migrated downward to cover my once wash board abs

Oh well, here I am... I love my body and have taken great care of it for at least the last 25 years. Thankfully I had a Mom who gardened and took care of me with good food, year round, when I was too young to think or care about it all.

Despite the slow, downward creeping of my body tissues, for where I am at 49, I am ok with me.

I am still out there biking hills (leaving my kids in the dust!), mountain climbing, and I can do more push ups, hold the plank yoga pose longer, out run my kids in distance and sprints and they are 12 & 15! Thank Goddess and God I did not grow up in the computer gaming era!  I do not think technology is doing good things for them or anyone sitting sedentary.

On that note... time for a 'lil yoga and body movement!

Happy day to you. Embrace your beautiful body and care for it well... throughout all the seasons of your life!

fall leaf