*Wise Woman Nurse® Yoga for Your Health & Healing Lifestyle

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*Wise Woman Nurse® Yoga is a 5 Elements, Lifestyle & Earth Medicine based Yoga. It is the Yoga I practice daily, moment by moment, pose by pose, on or off my mat. It is a peaceful, soothing, and technicolor blend of my nursing - health - fitness teacher wisdom, nature based spirituality - my living in rhythm with the earth, and my yoga teachings & experience all woven together in a beautiful tapestry I call my Earthy Yoga Lifestyle.

Nothing fancy, just Yoga that is reachable by all using the Breath & the Body for Self Transformation.

Wise Woman Nurse® Yoga uses the Movement Magic of Yoga to nourish body, mind, & spirit. It is about making an impression upon myself, coming back to me to be the best me I can be, to support others to be their best me. 


I invite you to learn more about yourself by taking a deep dive into learning Yoga (self exploration) with me:

  • Private Sessions:  1 to 2 hour sessions, your choice, to create your personal Yoga Health & Healing Plan. Your home or mine.  OR
  • Yoga Celebrations - Host a 1 1/2 to 2 hour Yoga Celebration Session at your home or another happy space, to introduce family and friends to the nourishing & healing benefits of a personal Yoga practice.

Desire more details about my love of yoga, education, trainings, & offerings: Click here


Sun shining on me (even when behind the clouds) water gurgling in my brook, earth under my feet, air gently blowing, & aether surrounds all.