What I Am, What I Do, What I Am Not and Do Not Do:

I am a Registered Nurse and I prefer to practice from a Natural Health Education perspective as healing comes through nature and, as humans, we are nature. I am trained in school health education, adult wellness-fitness promotion, holistic health coaching, herbal medicine, energy healing, yoga, whole food nutrition, and functional medicine for health coaches. Click here to read more about my traditional and holistic training. I work with you to discover the underlying causes of your health challenges and create a supportive plan for you to heal yourself. I do not diagnose or treat any disease. I do not heal anyone. Healing is a personal response to one's own lifestyle choices.

Your Self-Responsibility Disclaimer While Working with Paula Youmell, RN:

In working with Paula Youmell, RN, I am aware I am taking self-responsibility for my own health.  The support and educational advice I receive from Paula Youmell, RN, is in my hands to implement, or not. I take full responsibility for all of the results and consequences of my actions making these suggested changes in my life.


Your health is your responsibility, plain and simple.  Any information in my books, articles & blog post, through one on one healing sessions, classes, and workshops with me is for you to use as you see fit on your path to health and healing.

Health is about self-responsibility.  Taking your health into your own hands is what Hands On Health is about.  The ability to heal lies within us.  The responsibility to care for our bodies to ensure lifelong health, prevent disease, and heal lies within us. 

You are responsible for choices you make regarding your health.  Information from my books, other writings, and working together with me is meant to educate and inform you so you can invoke self-responsibility and take your health into your own healing hands.  Take what I have learned about nutrition, health, and healing and create your own healing truths. The only one who can heal you is you. You are your own healer and I am your support you on your healing path with the tools I have learned in my years as a RN, Health & Fitness Educator, Herbalist, Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner (Reiki & Acupuncture), and Yoga Teacher.

By making natural choices in one’s eating and lifestyle choices, the symptoms of disease heal and an individual can and will return to whole, vibrant health.  When more people take self-responsibility for their own health, we will create a nation of far fewer people who suffer from life-style induced diseases.  The resultant burden, lifted from our health care system and health insurance industry, will be huge!

Whole Health Education is not about what you are giving up, it is not about deprivation.  It IS about what you are inviting into your life: the choices, changes, and additions that will open doors to healing, health, and happiness in ways you have never imagined or experienced.

Be brave.  Take that first step on your own healing path, knowing every new step will be an adventure and a positive, healing challenge.   Wherever you are in your life, however long you have been taking less that “whole” care of your body, every step you take towards whole foods and whole health living will make lasting changes in your cellular and whole body health.

Walk with peace and love on your persoanal path to health and healing.

Healing Blessings, Paula