Words, phrases, & images I claim common law trademarks with. I have used these self coined terms, product names, & label images for 5, 10, 20+ years.   ; )

  • Whole Food Healer

  • Wise Woman Nurse®

  • Wise Woman Nurse Yoga

  • Voluptuos Vagina, Volptuous V, & VV

  • Movement Magic

  • Earth Apple Botanicals

  • 40+ FaceFix

  • SkinFlammation SOOTHE

  • Sun Kissed Face

  • Logo images for Earth Apple Botanicals™, 40+ FaceFix™, VV™, SkinFlammation SOOTHE™, & any other product label images I have my awesome artists conjure up.

  • Downloadable products are the copyrighted intellectual property of Paula Youmell, RN, Wise Woman Nurse™ and intended for the Home Study course buyer or Paula's health coach clients only.  The course content, the class page link sent in your email, YouTube links / web addresses, issuu web addresses to the PDF files, and the web address of the secret home study course pages are not to be shared with any outside parties unless you have requested and been granted permission, in writing, from Paula Youmell, RN.      

    Thank you for maintaining my privacy. With LOVE & Deep Compassion for You on Your Healing Journey, Paula

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