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The Wise Woman is the community healer; the woman who teaches people how to nourish their own health. 

I will support your health and healing from a space of nature (you are nature), natural methods (whole foods, herbs, natural lifestyle choices, Wise Woman Nurse®  yoga), seasonal rhythms, earth connectedness, and honoring your body as sacred and unique with the added bonus of my being a Registered Nurse-Health Coach trained in Functional Medicine.   

Healing comes from within yourself.  I support you creating your personal Self Healing Medicine Bag through healing sessions and my home study courses.

I offer suggestions to support each individual's desire to Nourish Yourself Back Into Harmony With Body, Mind, & Spirit through Whole Foods, Natural Lifestyle Choices, Medicinal & Food Herbs, Movement Magic, Wise Woman Nurse® Yoga, Energy Healing, & Functional Medicine Wisdom. 

When you are ready & willing to do the Self Nourishing Healing work, I will serve up Lifestyle Medicine with Love.

Registered Nurse-Health Teacher+

Functional Medicine, Herbalist, Wise Woman Nurse® Yoga, & Reiki Master Trained

                     Using Nature's Wisdom, Medicine, & Rhythms                      to Nourish Body, Mind, & Spirit