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Functional Medicine, Herbalist, Yoga, & Reiki Master Trained

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The Wise Woman is the community healer, the woman who teaches people how to restore their own health. 

Wise Woman Nurse Paula supports your health and healing from a space of nature (you are nature), natural methods (whole foods, herbs, natural lifestyle choices, yoga), seasonal rhythms, earth connectedness, and honoring your body as sacred and unique with the added bonus of my being a Registered Nurse-Health Coach trained in Functional Medicine.      



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I am Your Haven for Natural Health Online Courses & One On One Restore Health Coaching Consults to Balance Your Body Weight, Create Vibrant & Nourished Body Cells to Restore Your Whole Body's Health. I work with clients & students locally, across the USA, and internationally to support their desire to Come Back Into Harmony With Body, Mind, & Spirit through Food, Lifestyle, Movement, Yoga, Energy Healing, & Functional Medicine Wisdom.