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                             Paula Youmell, RN, MS                                      Functional Medicine - Natural Health Educator

The Wise Woman is the Community Health Educator, the Community Medicine Woman : teaching others how to nourish self healing.  As a Wise Woman Nurse®, I support your health and healing from a space of nature (you are nature), natural methods (whole foods, herbs, natural lifestyle choicesyoga), seasonal rhythms, earth connectedness, and honoring your body as sacred and unique.    

Healing comes from within yourself. I offer suggestions to support each individual's desire to Nourish Yourself Back Into Harmony With Body, Mind, & Spirit. When you are ready & willing to do the Self Nourishing Healing work, I will serve up Lifestyle Medicine with Love.

Using Nature's Wisdom, Medicine, & Rhythms to Nourish Body, Mind, & Spirit

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