Stocking Up the Natural Medicine Cabinet

Making Herbal Medicine 101 Class, June 30th, '14

Making Herbal Medicine 101 Class, June 30th, '14

Learning natural healing, the time honored methods of supporting the body's innate ability to heal itself, is a sure fire method of invoking true healing in your body.

Think of this: every time you cut yourself the cut heals.  That is how your whole body will function, will heal, if you give it what it needs and remove those things that "get in the way" of healing.

Your immune system is your system that works to repair and heal your body.  It works synergistically, in symphony, with every system in your body.  That is the beauty of the whole: holistic healing.

Healing comes from inside you.

A "healer" is a guide who steers you back to your own path, your space of healing. A healer knows the natural ways to invoke the immune system's ability to repair and heal mind, body, and spirit. 

You are your own best healer. 

What to do to create health and healing:

  1. *Remove the lifestyle habits that created the “ill” health symptoms.
  2. Learn what whole foods are and eat a whole food diet, your cellular health will thank you!  If we have not had this whole food conversation…it is time to say, “Hey Paula, what the heck, tell me the cellular health secrets!”  Move in the direction of more food from plants, balancing out with a comfortable amount of animal based food to keep your body healthy. Listen to your body's needs, not someone else's food rules.
  3. Add in herbs and/or other whole food supplements to re-fortify your cellular health, get your nutritional savings account over flowing with life enhancing nutrition!
  4. Move your body:  sedentary living kills, movement heals.
  5. Fresh air and sunshine…"love" two birds with one action, get outside AND move! (This sounds better than the kill two birds line...)
  6. Sleep.
  7. Stress: get rid of it or change your attitude about that which you can’t get rid of. (Might I suggest yoga and meditation?)  Which leads me to…
  8. Healthy attitude toward yourself, all others on this planet and life in general.  Practice a kindness attitude towards all, starting with you.  Self-care, and its ripple effects for your health and how you perceive and interact with the world, cannot be  emphasized enough.
  9. Ask me for my “lifestyle” suggestions handout.  It contains more thoughts on healthy lifestyle choices for you to contemplate and add to your own bag of healthy living and healing tricks!

*Remove the lifestyle habits that created the “ill” health symptoms, some examples:

  • Can't sleep?  Remove caffeine and stress for starters.  This may mean finding new ways of perceiving stress and learning to let go of stress.  (see yoga and meditation suggestion above!)
  • Breathing problems?  Smoker? Quitting is one obvious solution in your healing quest.
  • Allergies? 100% whole foods, raw honey from local bees, remove allergens from your life and living space...
  • Constipation?  Stress clamps down the colon; see can't sleep above.  Refined foods clog up the body, your colon... see whole foods above.
  • Headaches?  Stress, refined foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, prescription medications, birth control pills, chemical household cleaners, chemical body care products.... all, and many more synthetics, can contribute to your body imbalance that triggers headaches.

Here's a peek inside my herbal healing cabinets:  the formulas I have used over the years (and trust) and the dried herbs I keep on hand to make my own healing blends.

The Healing Medicine cabinet in my downstairs bathroom.

med cabinet

Dried herbs and raw, local honey...ready to make tinctures and infusions (medicinal strength teas).


The upstairs bathroom healing cabinet.


Peeking down into my herbal first aid kit.


Teaching the art of using herbs, as part of a whole health lifestyle, is a passion for me!  

On Monday, June 30th I taught a fun class at my home:  Making Herbal Medicines 101.

Interested in learning, give me a yell!  This Fall will be a great time for another Herbal Medicine Class!

Blessings and HUGS, Paula