Medicine or Poison? How will you LOVE your body cells?



I had a few comments about the healthy kid's birthday parties that went something like this... "Oh come on, shouldn't kids be allowed to have fun once in a while?"

My question was and always is this:  "When did fun become an opportunity to poison our bodies?"

When it comes to making decisions about health, healing, and disease prevention is not common sense a space to work from?

This is not a harsh mindset, in the least.  Read on for a holistic healer's reality check on cell nourishment.

Close your eyes and visualize a holiday or family celebration 200 years ago.  See and smell all the foods being served to celebrate the occasion or event.

All those foods ARE 100% whole, locally grown and produced, and in season!  There was absolutely no other way.

200 years ago Twinkies, gummy worms, soft drinks, Dorito chips, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, etc., etc., etc. absolutely did not exist.

Visualize that party again.  People ARE having fun AND they are not filling their bodies with modern, factory made, food "products" poisons.  They are whooping it up, dancing, singing, merry making with friends, family, and neighbors all the while surrounded by whole, cell nourishing foods.

It is your choice with every fork full:  poison or nourishment?

Say NO to refined, corporate sponsored, factory made, cell degenerating products.

Say YES to healthy, cell enhancing, whole, local foods and party it up with the ones you love... all at the same time!

The possibilities are endless!  Focus on what you are inviting into your life:  real food and the vibrant health that comes from indulging in them!

Be Well.  Eat whole foods and make your body cells sing and dance.  Love yourself and other people; prepare them healthy food!



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