Like Almond Butter? A Nut Butter from Heaven!

So I buy the above Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter.  Who could resist the melding of such flavors?

Taste Test:  It is VERY yummy, in fact incredibly yummy!

So, I took a huge spoonful, as I always do with nut butters.  It was probably 2 tablespoons or so... I tend to err, about my estimates, on the conservative side!

This stuff is loaded with espresso!  Eating it made me feel like I think I would feel had I been smoking crack.  I have never smoked crack, but I am certain I would not feel good.  It's that extreme jittery and agitated feeling.  I do not do well in this mode.

So, today I tried a much smaller spoonful.  I am thinking perhaps 2 teaspoons.  Still, not so good in my system. (Keep in mind, I can not drink a normal cup of regular, caffeinated coffee and not feel this jittery agitated energy.)

One thing I know about me: I do not tolerate caffeine.

Who would of thought a nut butter could be like a drug!  Well, to my body and mind it is.

Seriously, try it, it is extremely delicious.  

Caution:  If you are caffeine sensitive, like me, it is probably not for you!