Energy Out = Energy In

We will not be talking about calories here. 

I was having a chat recently about good luck and bad luck, why not so happy things seem to happen more to some people. I brought up the idea of our energy, the energy we put out in the world with our thoughts, words, and actions. I made the suggestion that perhaps if our thoughts and words are mostly negative in nature we may be actually drawing these negative happenings to us.

The response I received was this: "That's impossible. No one is in control of what happens to them."

So I then threw out this immediate thought: (I am not always good with on the spot thoughts but I do love teachable moments. Ask my kids!) 

"If some one is part of a prayer list, ladder, or tree, they are called upon to say prayers for another person or family when there is a sickness or some hardship. The person then sends prayers, i.e. positive energy, to this person or family in need. Is this not using thoughts, our mind's energy, to create a positive response or outcome?"

We agreed on this.

So my next thought I threw out was... "If we can use our thought process to move energy in a positive direction for someone else, does it seem reasonable that our thoughts and words can do the same for us?"

"Point well made" was the response.

So I ask you to ask yourself questions:

  • What kind of energy do I put out into the world with my thoughts, words, and actions?
  • Is there a correlation between my positivity or negativity and the general events in my life?

The energy we put out in the world comes back to us ten times over.

Whatever you put out to the univere is what you will get back from the universe.  This is one of the essential threads of the universe.

Positive out = positive in

Love out = love in

Joy out = joy in    (Yes, I am using all positive examples here... for a reason. It is positive!)

Is your life not heading in the direction you want it to? Try on a new attitude. Make positive thoughts, words, and actions part of your every minute thinking and doing. You will find positive thoughts, words, and actions filling your life!

Positive energy is healing to mind, body, and spirit.

Happy healing!

PS If you enjoy what you read here on The Whole Food Healer Blog... pass it along to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, people you pass on the street!  Share health. The healthier we are as a community, the more positive healing energy for us all!

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