Longevity Recipe

The Greek man above has an amazing story of health, healing, longevity, and defying medical hexing. To read his incredible story of being diagnosed by US doctors with cancer and given 9 months to live and his story of unintended healing success, click this LINK.

Longevity Recipe



  1. Human with desire for vibrant health
  2. Real food: http://www.paulayoumellrn.com/whole-food-feeding-your-cells/
  3. Garden and/or connection with amazing local farmers
  4. Vibrant lifestyle habits in mind, body, & spirit

It is really this simple: feed the body real food; real food for body, mind, and spirit.

In a recent conversation with a client a comment was made to me when speaking about healing:

"People do not want to believe that food is the problem."

To which I replied:

"Food, real food, is not the problem. The problem is factory made food products brought to you by Nabisco, Kellogg, Post, Betty Crocker, Pepsico, Tyson, Kraft, Nestle... on and on the list of food product manufacturers goes.

Real food feeds body cells for vibrantly healthy regeneration. Food products detract from body cell health, depleting nutritional stores, and degenerating body cells contributing to degenerative diseases. (Degenerative diseases are a body composed of degenerative body cells.)

As a culture we observe the world and look to emulate those countries with a better health and longer longevity:

  • The French Paradox
  • The Okinawan diet
  • Mediterranean diet

Importing their culture's specific foods is not the answer. Cultures who stick to their traditional diets: food grown locally & naturally and then prepared through time honored home cooking methods are the cultures who thrive with vibrant health. No importation of foreign foods needed. Simply grow food, team up with neighbors to share the different foods you have grown and raise, and befriend local farmers who grow real food in time honored and sustainable ways... keep those farmers farming through purchasing their food and supporting their work in this world. Your health will soar, local food economy will soar, life will be vibrantly good.    http://www.gardenshare.org/

Reverse these time honored practices and instead eat processed, packaged, factory made food products and your body cells suffer. To digest and get rid of these products your body must rob nutrients from your cells. Keep robbing from your cells and the cells degenerate further and further and degenerative diseases are now the norm. 

Cultures who have always eaten their locally available and traditional foods create pregnancies with healthy babies who are developing with a firm foundation of healthy body cells. Feed those newborn infants (and their breastfeeding moms) real food and the baby's bodies develop with cellular health intact. Continue this good food, real food trend through the childhood and teen years and you grow up young adults with their cellular health intact. A lifetime of real food, whole food eating and you have a natural prescription, a recipe, for vibrant health and longevity.

junk vs real food.jpg

The same feeding process for embryos, infants, teens, and all humans in general with processed, packaged food products and the reverse happens: cells degenerate and degenerative diseases are the norm. Take a peak at the US population... it ain't so vibrantly healthy people!

Junk Vs. Real... Vibrant Vs. Degenerative Body Cells

Junk Vs. Real... Vibrant Vs. Degenerative Body Cells

Bottom Line: Eat Real Food, Eat Whole Food and THRIVE for the Long Haul of Life!

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This is a no sweat, straight forward class on making simple herbal medicines and 3-5 herbs that enhance each specific body system for your vibrant health. 

I look forward to sharing this time honored, wise woman wisdom with you, Paula