Garbage Disposal Syndrome

garbage disposal mini.JPG

My last post, The Diets I Have Tried, was written in good humor as well as to provide healing information around the "games" we play with our eating habits and styles to promote cellular health.

Recently I heard a blurb on the radio about crazy things people stuff into their sink's garbage disposal unit clearly not thinking logically about the consequences of what they are doing. It made me laugh as I was thinking that is how many people stuff food into their mouths: without thinking with logic and common sense about what they are eating and the consequences to their long-term health. I say this with MUCH love, heartfelt humor (the garbage disposal stories were very funny!), and as a wakeup call to people to start thinking, start using logic and common sense around their food choices.

Over the years of working in Nursing, Health Education, Holistic Healing, and "coaching" people back to vibrant health I have heard this statement many times, in different incarnations:

"I want to lose weight, lower my high blood pressure or cholesterol,

heal my diabetes, etc., but I do not want to change anything I eat.

Can you recommend an herb or supplement that will fix my problem?"

I have so often, very lovingly, told dear people that I wish I had a magic wand I could bop them over their head with and make everything better OR a true magic bullet treatment that would take away all their troubles and struggles. 

The healing principle is always in the living system itself (your own body - my words). All living organisms are self-constructing, self-defending, and self-repairing. Teach men and women to prevent disease by avoiding its causes rather than attempt to cure it by administering the causes of other diseases [drugs] - then health and happiness will abound everywhere. We are convinced that mankind can be educated in correct principles and trained in right practices so that sickness will cease to trouble us. These statements on Natural Hygiene by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, Naturopath, 1895-1985

Questions to ask oneself before you pop that food substance in your mouth:

  1. Is this a whole food?
  2. Will this food contribute to my vibrant cellular health OR will it degenerate my cellular health and lead to degenerative diseases?
  3. Are there artificial ingredients of any kind in this food substance?
  4. Did nature make this food or was it made in a factory?
  5. Would people 250 years ago have been able to eat this? And then the all time Paula favorite to share with clients:
  6. Is this best for my wellness?

The way you live your life and the way you feed your body are not separate from the way you feel and the health or ill-health (dis- ease) you experience.

Remember your digestive tract is not a garbage disposal system. Your digestive tract is your seat to cellular health; your whole body's health.

Feed yourself and feed your kitchen's garbage disposal well!

Stayed tuned for a blog post on "Eating Hygiene" coming soon!