Are You an Upper or a Downer?

The infectious smile of happy kids, definitely an upper!

The infectious smile of happy kids, definitely an upper!

On your walk through this world, do you lift people up or drag them down?

The way you carry and express your life force energy can be a healing tonic to yourself or a noose about everyone's neck.

Stop yourself in the moments of your day and quickly assess your:

  1. body posture 
  2. facial expression
  3. tone of voice
  4. words and thoughts

Are you inviting yourself and others to relax, smile, and love life?

This is your daily "Yoga" call to action. When we lift each other up the whole world vibrates at a higher level of energy and color. Smile and make a rainbow today!

rainbow smile mini.JPG

My lift up for the next four days:

I have been asked questions about "scholarships" to take the ♀ Moon Cycle Wisdom course; young woman showing interest but wanted an affordable option for their younger year's income. As an uplift to the world I am offering scholarships, because you see these are my thoughts... the more females who engage with their own female energy around their menstrual cycles and life on this planet, the more:

  1. positive energy for all. Life and energy IS a balance and when we are in the flow of balanced female-male energy peacefulness will be a side effect. (all energy balances out: hot-cold, light-dark, birth-death, etc.)
  2. more happy females taking this course will in turn encourage other females to take this course and the results will be: see #1 above, and
  3. It all becomes a vibrant cycle (no vicious cycles here!) of paying forward female healing energy.

here are My "Be An Upper" Scholarship Plans

4 Hours for 4 Days Scholarships to the ♀ Moon Cycle Wisdom Course

  1. April 12th, noon to 4 PM $85
  2. April 13th, Noon to 4 PM $100
  3. April 14th, noon to 4 PM $115
  4. April 15th, Noon to 4 PM $130

(All dates linked directly to the "scholarship of the Day" Order Page, click and join the Female Fun!)

The sooner you enroll to heal your energy around your female moon cycle, the bigger your scholarship and savings!


Check Back on April 16th. It is a special day!


My End Note:

make other's lives better.jpg

Be an Upper!