Wild Leek Soup... Yummy!

Wild Leek, Herb, & Local Veggie Soup

Simple and took me about 20 minutes to make, 
including the cleaning time for the wild leeks.
  • Early in the day I put out to thaw about 1 1/2 cups of each of these frozen veggies from my winter veggie CSA :

  1. broccoli 
  2. red, orange, and yellow pepper pieces
  3. orange cherry tomatoes
  • I brought 4 1/2 to 5 cups to a boil and poured into my Vita Mix blender.

  • Add the white parts, set green leafy tops aside for later, of 15 or so wild leeks and blend into a puree.

  • To the Vita Mix liquid add:

  1. handful of fresh rosemary sprigs from the window sill herb pot 

  2. handfuls of sage & oregano and the leaves off a long sprig (5-6 inches) of thyme - all herbs in the garden that are up and ready for use

  • Blend all this green stuff into the wild leek liquid.

  • Pour green liquid back into pot on the stove. Do not turn on heat again

  • Add in the completely thawed veggies and 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. unrefined sea salt.

  • Cover pot and leave until dinner time. I made it about 1 1/2 hours before dinner so the flavors could meld together for a short while.

  • Tomorrow night I will add a can of organic chickpeas to the leftovers to change it just a little bit.

Optional add ins:

  • fresh chives scattered across the top after you ladle into the soup bowls.
  • garlic chives blended into the broth.
  • any fresh herbs you have in the garden. I have parsley but I did not want to disturb the small patch this early in the season.
  • fresh, tender dandelion greens.
  • wild violet leaves from the yard? 
  • harvest wild violet flowers just before serving and sprinkle across the top with the chopped chives. Violets add in some awesome, local Vitamin C for spring rejuvenation!
  • I would have added frozen sweet corn kernels and cauliflower pieces but I seemed to have used all of those frozen CSA goodies.

Serve with whole grain bread, butter, & cheese. If you are lucky, and we were, serve up a local baby green salad. Spring pleasure food!

Grab what you have on hand and create a simple spring soup to enjoy in this untimely hot weather! Share what you threw together and tell us if it was yummy!