Weight Loss is in Your Hands

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, adds fiber to roto-root the intestinal tract, provides pectin for weight loss, and is an all-around awesome whole food for many healing and nourishing purposes. Truly speaking (or writing I should say): nourishing the body, healing, and lifetime body weight balancing all go hand in hand!

I have written several posts on sustainable weight loss over the past few years. This link will take you to them if you wish to peruse through them and see what catches your attention and feeds your personal needs.

Weight loss is a goal many of my clients put on their health history as one of their top 3 health goals they are looking to achieve. 

Weight loss can be achieved quickly through the many, many, many get skinny quick diet plans. Problem is: what will you learn and have you learned about healthy eating from these get skinny quickly plans that you can use over the long haul of your life? When you stop the latest get skinny quick plan and go back to the old habits... voila, back comes all of the weight you lost.

This is what I can tell you about permanent, lifetime weight control:

1. Healing the body, this includes arriving at and maintaining a healthy body weight for your gorgeous shape and body structure, is achieved through a lifetime of eating natural (whole) foods and living as in sync with the rules of nature as possible. 

2. Weight loss is not the first effect you will notice when changing your lifestyle and eating habits, so hang in there. The wait will be well worth it.

3. Healthy food repairs cellular metabolism (All the exciting things that go on inside each and every body cell every second of your breathing life. Your body cells are the building blocks of your body and your health!). When we repair the cells we in turn repair the tissues, organs, organ systems, and you... the organism! All those nasty ill-health symptoms become a thing of the past, a distant not so great memory!

4. When your eating habits are built around whole food and amounts needed to sculpt your awesome body back into its natural size and shape... this is what will happen.

5. Ditch the scales and get skinny quick schemes. Fill your home with whole foods and whole health habits and your personal health will soar as your body weight sinks!

This is my bottom line friends: get real with yourself, your food choices, and your lifestyle choices. Health will slip gently into place if you are patient and allow your body to heal.