Life IS A Symphony

Life is a symphony meant to flow in harmony with self and all life on this planet.

When we live in this harmony with nature (we are nature) the music of the universe becomes the dance of life.

So many of us work against this flow, thinking we are wiser than the laws of nature; perhaps that we are above the laws of nature.

I invite you to do this:

  1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position,
  2. Close your eyes,
  3. Take 10 slow, deep belly breaths (breathing from the belly makes the diaphragm drop down and allows your lungs to fully expand, your breath of life!),
  4. Envision yourself in the flow of life, all things in harmony,
  5. Allow this vision to stay with you as you continue to deep breathe,
  6. Start at your head and visualize each and every body organ & body part, one by one, until you reach your toes; visualize them alive with love, life force energy, that glowing white light,
  7. Finish up with 10 more slow deep breaths.
  8. Slowly bring yourself back to the present moment.

Your body, mind, and spirit should feel refreshed and alive, ready to meet the day's challenges with peace.

Anytime you arrive at a snag in your day, pause for just a moment, deep breathe and visualize the white light running from the center of your head to your toes. This is a quickie mindfulness meditation to bring calm and patience to the moment.

Remember your body is an amazing healing organism, part of the harmony of the universe. Allowing yourself to be in this harmony creates a healing effect in each and every body cell.

Healing Blessings, Paula