The Sun Radiates Life Into Everything!

Some Of The Sun's Awesome Gifts:

  • warms us every day even when we can't see the glorious sun (When you lift the corner of the cloud, the sun is ALWAYS shining." Eli, my 14 year old at 8 had figured this one out!), this solar warmth drives weather patterns
  • stimulates photosynthesis
  • stimulates Vitamin D production in your skin and many other living being's skin as well.  Vitamin D is needed for bone health, skin health, mood health, immune health (think cancer, MS, metabolic disease-diabetes, & auto-immune disease prevention)
  • promotes the production of melatonin so you can sleep well every night and the production of serotonin so you fell happy & energetic during the day

The list of the sun's contributions to human and planetary health is a very long one. Without the sun... we would not be here; everything would not be here!  It is time for some Common Sun Sense.

                   Yoga Sun Salutations to the Rising Sun

                   Yoga Sun Salutations to the Rising Sun


Getting out in the morning sun helps you move through the day with flow, ease, and grace and supports sleeping better every night. All living things are meant to be exposed to the sun's light all day; from sun rise to sun set. (obviously being wise to not burning our skin... but more on that in a minute). Think of the cultures who begin their days with some form of AM exercise (movement magic eCourse), prayer, or meditation that is outside and facing east to the rising sun. Wisdom from the ages kept people healthy, wealthy (before wealth was measured in dollars and cents), and wise. 

Being Sun Wise:

  • Get out every day and get sunlight on your eyes and your bare skin
  • Avoid sun screens that are chemical based. The chemicals that prevent sunscreen are toxic, period. Most sun screen bases (the actual lotion the sun screening chemicals are in) are loaded with many other toxic chemicals. Check out Environmental Working Groups information on toxins in your cosmetics and body care products...
  • If you must use a sunscreen find one that is in an all natural lotion base and uses zinc and/or titanium dioxide for the sunscreen function. Avoid nano-particle sunscreens.
  • When you have spent your time in the sun to promote health but avoid over exposure, sun burn, and sun damage... find shade and cover with clothing and a hat. 
  • The high hot times of the day are approximately 10 AM to 2 PM depending where you are in the world (proximity to the equator) and the time of year. Be smart, use common sense, and get healthy sun exposure. Your vibrant health depends on it. Think of a plant and its need for sun. Put that plant in the closet and shut the door. How many days until that plant is dead? Bottom line: we need the sun... the sun makes us happy!

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