Mindfulness Matters - Mindfulness Makes Monumental Metamorphoses

                                                          Caterpillar: Before Mindfulness                                                                                                                     Chrysalis: Mindfulness Practice                                                                                                               Butterfly: Mindfulness Metamorphosis

Yoga is my movement and mindfulness love. I have written blog posts* voicing my love of yoga and how it has created peace in my life, ended struggles around food and body, and inspires my daily work as a natural health educator RN.

I want to share the work of 2 wonderful women around mindfulness:

  1. Shelby Connelly of Five Elements Living Acupuncture & Healing Arts Retreat Center
  2. Jenny Morrill of 3 Marigolds Mindfulness Tutoring & Training Services

I could elaborate on the benefits of a mindfulness practice but I will allow Shelby and Jenny to do the honors. Visit both of their websites to see what Northern NY has to offer in holistic healing for you, your family, our kids and our schools, and our community. Healing one is an energy that works to transform the world at large.


*Yoga blog posts to taste test for your personal exploration, learning, and healing body, mind, & spirit: