Dispelling THE Food Myth

So you ask, "What is this myth you are referring to Paula?"

Why it is the myth our medical culture continues to perpetuate:

The food you eat has nothing to do with your long term health. Health is all about your genetics.

So, the wise ones among us use their common sense around this issue and say:

"Hey, we know that. Common sense says that food is the huge impact on our short term and long term health."

I questioned this food issue my very first day in the hospital, clinical setting as a student nurse. I could not figure out why we were feeding my patient, a man who had his 3rd heart attack, these foods:

  • instant mashed potatoes with margarine and canned gravy
  • pressed turkey loaf slices with more canned gravy
  • overcooked, previously frozen, carrot cubes with peas and corn
  • a plop of canned pudding with some sort of fake, whipped cream topping to adorn it

I was no nutrition genius at 18 years of age but I was quite certain that nothing on this man's lunch tray was in any way going to heal his damaged heart. 

31 years later and I am still convinced institutional food, fake food products, are killing people!

Another food issue arose when I was in my 40's and it was recommended I have a colonoscopy because of my age. I asked if this was necessary as I ate a 100% whole food diet. I was told yes, it was necessary.

So I then asked: "OK, if I ate McDonald's food three times a day or ate as I do now (100% whole food) what would the impact be on my colon?"

The answer was: "Nothing, your colon cancer, colon disease risk, is based on your genetics and what you eat has no impact."

I opted to not have that colonoscopy and went home to resume my healthy eating habits.

Let's play around with some food information for a minute or two....

 Packaged Food        VS.         Real Food


Which food choices do you think will feed your body cells in a healing way?  

nature made vs man made food.JPG

Take Away Points:

Medical care decisions, preventative included, are a personal choice.

  1. Keep feeding your body with the magic of nature: real food!

  2. Your body cells depend on densely nutritious foods to replicate in a healthy manner. Replication is happening every day. Your food does matter.

Happy Halloween!