The Final Tip: Divine Weight Loss

This is it... the final weight loss tip coming to you with LOVE. 

Truly, I could write many more. I want to inspire you and not overwhelm!

I will be putting my inspiring words, to heal mind, body, and spirit, down in my book that I will finish writing Autumn 2014.  Be looking for this image, on the cover of a book, coming soon!

Final Divine Weight Loss Tip:

Gratitude:  An attitude of gratitude for everything in your life and all you are as a divine human being does wonders in the quest to make healthy choices. When you see yourself, truly for the divine spirit you are, the natural tendency is for TLC towards self.

Practice gratitude for you. 

Remember: There is no perfection and yet you are perfection. 

If this sounds counter-intuitive to you, try practicing honoring your divine being every day in everything you do. Let me know how this changes your attitude about you and your actions towards yourself. I love to hear people's amazing stories about their health and healing.

I often have people say to me things like: "I can't be as perfect as you, Paula, around food choices and exercise." Trust me... I am not perfect. I do make choices from this space: Is this natural for my body?  I move on from this space and make my choices. This attitude, coming from my heart and soul, makes it easy for me to choose healthy lifestyle options. Then I slather my choice with gratitude!

Strive for Purr-Fection:  Ever notice how cats are Purr-Fectly content in just about any situation? Approach life from a cat mentality and make the situation Purr-Fect in the moment!

I wish you calm and peace as you heal mind, body, and spirit and re-balance your weight and health.  


Cats being Purr-Fect: