Comparing Your Health To An Antique Table


Antique table and your health? What could they possibly have in common?  

You Do NOT Need Me is another thought I had for this post's title. What possible connection could these 2 titles have? I will get back to all of this and hopefully the concepts will be clear.

To heal your body from most of the ills we suffer all one has to do is switch to a whole food diet. Eventually the body will recover its health:

  • your gut flora will return to normal,
  • blood chemistry profiles stabilize to normal,
  • body cells recovery their health,
  • hormone levels balance,
  • DNA & RNA repairs itself,
  • and the list goes on & on.

All of this repair stuff happens just by feeding your body real food*.

Most packaged food stuff, made in factories, is loaded with

  • artificial ingredients
  • genetically modified organisms
  • preservatives
  • chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, and
  • so many more unnatural ingredients that were never meant to be part of your body's cellular health.

Each time we eat this unnatural food stuff we are chipping away at our body's health. The food we eat is responsible for the health of our body cells. Doritos and soda (or any packaged foods with fake ingredients) every day and you are seriously chipping away at your innate health.

Real Food = Real Healthy Cells

Crap Food = Crappy Sick Cells

If I was to take a vegetable peeler and every day chip a tiny bit of my antique table away what would my table look like? After days, weeks, months, and years of slowly chipping away on my table, the table's value, beauty, and function would suffer. 

The same thing happens to your health every time you chip away at it with food stuff that nature never intended us to take into our bodies under the pretense that it is real food. You read about this in my 80/20 Eating Plan Deception. You are chipping away at your health and your innate beauty, function, and vitality suffers.

So why is it You Do Not Need Me (possible post title #2) and my Wise Woman Nurse educational services?  

Just eat real food. It is that simple.

Feed your body food that nature gave us and avoid the stuff made in factories. If you must buy some factory made foods: read labels and make sure every ingredient in the product is natural, unrefined, non GMO, etc.

Be good to your body cells.  If you want to speed up the healing process... there are many ways to aid the body in recuperating from a non-whole food diet. This is where I can help you weave a bit of magic and make the whole food eating and healing plan happen faster, accelerate the body's return to health! 

Toss out the junk food and the vegetable scraper. 

Save your body cells and the antique table today!

*real food: food in its whole state

1. If a plant based food, the food is grown:

  • as it would have grown in nature
  • without GMO seeds
  • without use of agricultural chemicals: fertilizers pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, etc.
  • preferably with crop rotation and biological methods of maintaining soil fertility

2. If an animal based food, the animal is raised:

  • in open space free to roam, eat, play, love, and live as closely as it would have if it was a wild animal
  • not fed unnatural foods (grains and soybeans to cows, goats, pigs, etc.)
  • no steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, and/or agricultural chemicals
  • treated with loving care by the farmers

Because I have used the words... "You CAN heal your own health problems," I will add this disclaimer to CMA.  Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.