Disease... genetics or lifestyle? Am I doomed?

Words I more often hear than not in regards to a person's individual health around:

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • kidney disease
  • auto-immune diseases
  • basically all dis - ease that can interfere with individual human health...

The words I am speaking of:

"Oh, there is nothing I can do about it. My mother (father, grandparents, etc.) had this disease. It is in my family. 2 of my 4 siblings already have it. It is just a matter of time and I will have it as well..."

Can I please tell you that nothing could be further form the truth? Your body is unique. Sure, you may have inherited genetic tendencies towards certain dis - ease states BUT those genes are not set up to play out. Your lifestyle choices have a huge impact in how your body's genetic code plays out over your life time. 

Choosing Healthy Living is the Path to Disease Prevention and a Lifetime of Wellness.

Choosing Healthy Living is the Path to Disease Prevention and a Lifetime of Wellness.

Let's look at cancer as one dis - ease of the body.

  • All cancers are the result of multiple gene mutations. The risk of cancer is estimated to be based only 5-10% on inherited genes and 90-95% on lifestyle (unhealthy lifestyle choices can create further gene mutations and also affects the activation of genes - or not). Across all cancers, the risk of the same active cancer dis - ease between all twins was found to be about 10%. Between identical twins and breast cancer the risk was only 20%. Your lifestyle has a huge impact on how your genetic code plays out in your life time.  (Genetic cancer risk information from the New England Journal Of Medicine.)

The environmental factors Dr. Craig Venter speaks of are our day in and day out lifestyle choices. You are in control of whether your body becomes diseased or not.

My work in this world (for 3 plus decades now) has been to teach, support, and role model healthy living choices that promote long-term wellness and prevent disease. 

To make my life's work more accessible to all I have created online courses to:

  • bring easily understandable information to you,
  • in the comfort of your home,
  • on your time, course work can be listened to and learned whenever & wherever is convenient for you (although I do not recommend late nights, burning the candle at both ends, to view course materials... plenty of sleep, every night, is one of your body's best healing mechanisms, and
  • at affordable tuition.

Each mini-course gives you a deep look into the root causes for health problems and the specific lifestyle choices and strategies you can invite into your own life to prevent disease and heal your body from any current ill health challenge, dis - ease.

My eCourses I offer to you and your vibrant health are listed here:


My wish for you, and why I do my work in this world, is for health that shines from your each & every body cell! Cheers, Paula